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Thursday, January 13, 2011
Reported by Jasmine

Good Morning today is Thursday the 13, 2011 The class starts the morning by doing P.E., first the class goes out and stretch first after they stretch the class goes and line up with the other classes then when the teachers sad “Ready Set Go” that’s when all the classes run four times around the field. After the classes runs then all the classes go in their room wile the read 180 goes to the read 180 room then the class does M.B. that’s when they do their journal and after they do their journal then they write down their home work then they check their box. Next they do spelling, spelling is when Mr. Coley tells the class one of their words then they have to try to spell it. After spelling Mr. Coley reads L.W.W. the class does Social Studies, Social Studies is when we learn a lot about people. Then it is recess that’s when we take a break from learning and we get to play. Then it’s time for math. Math is when the class goes to different math class and learn different things. After math is lunch when all the classes go to lunch then after lunch we go play. After lunch is when we do S.S.R, S.S.R is when we get out our silent reading book and we read silently. Last we do science, science is when we do learning on the water system.

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