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Friday, January 21, 2011
Reported by Joseph

The day started off when I went to school. My Mom dropped me off as usual. When the bell rang, we all went to Friday Flag. We all sat down and listened, then Mr. Fanning sang a song. It was fun!

After that, we all went to the front of the school. We were there to check out the new way kids are going to be picked up after school. It’s going to be more organized because kids are going to be lined up by the first letter of their last name. Soon after that, all the 5th graders took our Panoramic Picture. That took a while since everyone had to be lined up.

Next, we finally went to our classroom and took our spelling test. I think I did pretty well. Then we graded our homework. Mr. Coley took our spelling and graded it himself, but we graded our Science Weekly together.

Afterwards, we had our Literature Circles. I was the connector. I talked about my job with my group. Next week, I’m going to be the discussion director.  My favorite job is the illustrator.  As a matter of fact I think that is every ones favorite job.

Next we did Social Studies for a while and then we went out to recess. I played on the swings for a while with my best friend Alex, and then I played a little bit of kickball. We had fun! Before we knew it the bell rang and it was time to go back to class.

That brings us to math time. We mainly worked on adding and subtracting fractions. It’s pretty easy. Finally it was lunch time. I brought my lunch as usual on Fridays because I don’t like the galaxy cheese pizza. After I ate, I played again until the bell rang.

Now it was time for Friday business. Matthew was the student of the week, and Marcus was the weekly homophone challenge winner. Marcus played Deal or No Deal and won a million dollars. He got 100 pieces of licorice. He was the first one to do that. We screamed and shouted “Yay Marcus”! Some of us congratulated him and gave him a high five. That was fun! 

Soon after that the bell rang and it was time to go home. I love Fridays because I get to play my video games on the weekend. I hope the weekend goes by slowly and not quickly like it usually does.

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