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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Reported by Ethan #6

Hi, I’m Ethan, and I’m going to be the Roving Reporter for today.  I got to school at 8:10, and I played kickball with speedy Myles until the bell rang.  I walked back to class and got in line and waited for the sunny, beautiful day to begin.

Since today is a Tuesday, we had running first.  I put my backpack down, sprinted out to the huge Tovashal field, and started to stretch.  We all did lunges to both sides, lunges to the front, flamingos, and toe touches.  We had never done toe touches before, so some people didn’t do it right.  It was then time to run, so I lined up to start.  I started off rather slowly, but Ryan sprinted off and zoomed pasted us all.  I thought I did okay with a time of 9:34.  Ryan on the other hand was really mad at himself for not sprinting at the end to beat his time by one second.  We were all super tired when we walked back to class.

I did the “Morning Business.” “Morning Business” is when we get out last night’s homework, write down tonight’s homework, and get the flyers and tests out of your mailbox.  All there was today was the regular white and black spelling crossword puzzle that comes on Wednesday (I didn’t even have to do that because I’m Roving Reporter).

After that we dove into Spelling and really started the day.  In Spelling, we corrected pages 353-354 in our shiny, yellow Practice Book.   Our words this week all have prefixes, so we had to sort them into categories by which prefix they have in them. I got all 20 correct, and that way I didn’t have to make a single dark red X on my paper.

Next, was Writing.  In Writing, we proofread our response to literature essays.  I found one mistake which was that I forgot to put two Zs in blizzard.  I also made a lot of adjustments to my paper.  I read my paper at least 10 times.

Following Writing, Mr. Coley said it was time to go to the Computer Lab, so he dismissed us, we lined up, and all of us headed down to the lab.  When we got there, he said that we need to do Fast Math first and then Kid Blog (we already know that we can do AR if we need to).  I started writing a post on Kid Blog about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It should be out soon so you might want to read the post, and if you want to read the Harry Potter books you should go in order.  Mr. Coley kept teaching us how to do a PowerPoint presentation.  Everyone seemed to be in awe while he taught us.

Next we had Social Studies.  We talked about the Southern Colonies and how they did slavery.  It is very, very cruel and mean.  We learned that some slaves could escape or buy their freedom.  We also learned about the Underground Railroad which was when slaves could run from house to house at night hiding in people’s houses that accepted them until they crossed the border and into a northern state.

It was then time for recess; I ate a cookie when I was heading off to go have a contest with my friends to see who could shoot the most threes.  I was doing really well at first, but then the wind kicked in, so I shot horribly and so did everybody else.  I thought I did well at recess with two threes.

After returning to class we had Math.  Right after we started we did math cards.  Math Cards are sort of like a puzzle.  If you get them all right, you have a time.  Our time was 2:29.  Our record was barely faster, and by barely I mean two seconds faster. Another thing we did in Math is sales tax.  Emma ordered three family size sandwiches, which are eight feet long, ten cookies, and a large drink with a subtotal of $70 for our pretend ordering to practice sales tax.

Then we had lunch.  I ate quickly so I could talk to my friends.  We were still shooting threes; I was very disappointed I only got one, and there was no wind!

With all our tummies full we headed into Science.  In Science we learned about the ever-going water cycle.  When we finished his PowerPoint he let us start our ILT.

With that done we packed up, walked out the door, lined up, and trotted down to the Library.  It was warm when we came in, so I puffed my shirt and sat down.  Our librarian, Mrs. Groff, read us a nominee for an award that we are participating in the voting for.  The story finished super quickly, so we checked out our books and read.  

Finally, we stood up and I ran out the Library door.  Mr. Coley said “Goodbye everybody,” and I was off.  Once again, I’m Ethan and I was your Roving Reporter today.

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