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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Reported by Mason

Today I got to school at 8:10 a.m. As usual Mr. Coley greeted us with a good Hello! Those we also the first words he said to us when we had first joined the amazing 5th grade. He told us to get out our homework (as usual) and hold it up for him to check. Mr. Coley was happy after that because a lot of people did their homework. Then he told us to write down our homework. We did this and Mr. Coley was satisfied after.

Then he told us to get out Spelling Homework out, which he like to call an ILT (independent learning tool) After we did this I got the score of twenty-four out of twenty-five. That was good for me. Then Mr. Coley took our homework, put it away and told us to get out LWW (The lion, The witch, And the Wardrobe) book out and vocabulary list out. He quizzed us on how good we memorized the meaning or definitions of the words on the list. I got a questions right an Mr. Coley awarded me with a sticker that smelt like peppermint.

Next was to read a chapter of the book. In this chapter all four kids, Edmund, Lucy, Susan, and Peter, were lost in the woods. So A beaver named Mr. Beaver took them to a nice cozy shelter and out of the icy cold weather. Then Mrs. Beaver made them a very scrumptious dinner. The kids loved it and thanked the beavers. The chapter ended with Lucy saying, “Where is Mr. Tumnus?

The next thing on our agenda was to figure out the states we wanted for our state reports. We kept choosing our states until there we no more of us left. I got the state Virginia. I originally wanted Arizona But my friend, Trevor, Took it before me! Wow right? Besides that for Social Studies we finished our Southern and Eastern colonies then we reviewed New England colonies. After that the bell rang for recess. Then, we went to math

Today in math we did decimals. So I had a little of trouble with the new method but in time I got used to it. Then Mr. Henning asked us to play a game with him, and if you one you got lickerish. It was very fun!

After math we went on to science. Today we learned about how this type of water in Yosemite Park looks a lot like snow, but its quite dangerous. After that we finished doing some notes on different types of water, and the lesson was probably suppose to be in the duh category. For instance, what is groundwater? The answer is water that is in the ground.

But in the end of the day we got a surprise Somebody in my class, Megan, had a birthday today. So her mom brought in a HUGE cake. I have NEVER tasted anything that good. Before we left Mr. Coley said one more thing. Like always, “Goodbye!”

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