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Thursday, January 27, 2011
Reported by Clarissa

Hello my name is Clarissa and every Tuesday and Thursday we do PE which we did.  We ran 2 laps then after that came the fun part playing trees. Trees is a game where there are boys and girls plus at least 2 trees which mean they tag us and whenever the teacher yells out like who is wearing blue or who is wearing socks. It’s the best game I ever played in PE!

Afterwards, we did morning business which we corrected our spelling and science weekly the best part was on both on my pages I 100%. That’s all for morning business.

Next, is LWW which means Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The chapter we were reading was What happened after dinner that chapter was all about when they were still with the beavers and they were talking about Aslan the great lion but, then while they were talking Edmund a spiteful boy ran off, so they discussed there plan, went to look for him, and found out he went to the White Witches home. Then we started to draw our pictures so they can go with the sentence “RING RING” time for recess for recess I played dodgeball, but pretty tiring

Once that was done we did our colony creations! Which we had to make up a name for our colony so we had to make a list of names and our name was ………”Brentsylvania!” I thought that was a really cool name

When that was over we went to math a great subject I love and in math we learned about adding subtracting and rounding fractions I think its really easy. Then Mr. Henning told us a math test was coming tomorrow! Though I already know what it’s about. So after all that we just did classwork homework. “RING RING” came the bell lunch time!

Upon returning to class we did science we were learning about floods, mudslides, and polluted water really dangerous and nasty plus isn’t good for our world.

When that was over, we did SSR which in my words mean super silent reading. The book I was reading was called Rare Beast. Then 5 minutes later Mr. Coley started reading Tale of Despereaux it is a great book which I already read, but still funny .Little Despereaux gets in love with a princess which is funny for a mouse. “RING RING” YAY FINALLY TIME TO GO!!! and that was my day.

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