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Friday, January 28, 2011
Reported by Adrian

Hi, my name is Adrian. I will be reporting today’s news for you on what happened at school.

First, was Friday Flag. After we did the Pledge of Allegiance, their was an announcement on Jump Rope for Heart. Lots of people were jump roping with music playing. There was only one kid, and the rest were teachers and the assistant principal, Mrs. Picchiottino, jump roping. Their was also another announcement where they threw balls out to the audience, but I didn’t get any.

Next, we corrected our science homework from last night. I used a pen with blue ink. One of the answers were J, treatment plant. One of the other answers were I, pollute for the question what word means to “dirty.”

Then, we wrote our A.R. goal books on the sheets of paper to put in the book. The books I put on the paper were The Wide Window and The Miserable Mill. I also put The Report Card in for literature circles.

After that, we raffled off discs that contained the next studycast. Marcus and Jonathan got the first two. Then, lots of people that already got one before kept getting picked. A few other people passed then Courtney got one.

Afterwards, we took our spelling test. Our teacher, Mr. Coley, always says the number, says the word, says a sentence with the word in it, and repeats the word a few times. At the beginning while we were preparing our papers he asked us, “What lesson are we on?” Then we answered, “19.” After he said the sentence for propose Mr. Coley said, “Now it is eww, but later it will be ooh.” An example of one of the challenge words we did is enactment.

After the spelling test, it was literature circles. The book we were reading was, The Report Card, and we were the white group. The Report Card is a book about a really smart girl named Nora. She has a plan, but she needs everyone in the school to get bad grades. My job is Connector. In word finder, one of the words were potential. It was on page 98. The sentence was hard to find, but then we found it. After we guessed, Matthew told us that it meant. It meant, what a person is capable of doing in the future. In Correspondent, we kept guessing the first person correct, but we couldn’t get it. Then Joseph got it. It was to Nora, from Mrs. Noyes. We decided to read chapters 19-22. When we read after we finished, everyone read their books. I finished one and a half chapters.

Following literature circles, was “catch up.” We had to work on our response to literature essay or our chapter eight story map. A story map is a long piece of paper that we right a one sentence summary of the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We use the formula someone, wanted, but, so. When we finish the sentence, we sharpie the sentence, erase the line we drew to make it look strait, and we draw a picture that goes with the group of words. Mr. Coley said to start with the essay. When he said to stop, I finished with only two sentences left to do.

In social studies, we worked on our colony creation. We picked who would be in charge of the flag, geography and map, animal, bird, tree, flower, motto, and the seal. The teacher said the tree, bird, animal, and flower groups got to use the mini books that he showed on the screen. The seal and motto groups got to use the computers. The geography and map group got a piece of paper with something for them to trace on it. The flag group had to talk to all the other groups, so they could use the ideas on the flag. We used the sticks by whoever got chosen got to choose one of the open spaces. The first four people chose flag, so flag was filled first. When I got chosen I chose tree.

When that was over, it was time for recess.  I ate cheddar and sour cream flavored Ruffles, and a strawberry fruit roll. When I finished I didn’t want to play, so I just watched people play.

During math time, we did the math cards. Math cards is an activity where we read out loud what it says on our cards, and someone answers the question. The cards say I have a number who has then it says a question. We start with the date. For example it was the twenty-eighth, so the person with twenty-eight goes first. It ends when it goes back to the first person. When we were done I thought we got a better time, but we didn’t pass our best time. It was two minutes, thirteen seconds.  Our best time was two minutes, eight seconds, so we were off by five seconds. After that, we corrected our weekly challenge. I used the same pen that I told you about earlier at the science worksheet part. We had to get to $1.00 by using fifteen coins. The coins we could use are half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Our class got nine different answers. One of them were five dimes and ten nickels. Then, we corrected our long division ILT. One of the questions were 56.32 divided by 8. The answer is …..7.04! Next, we did a review on everything we did so far. Some of the things we reviewed on were multiplying fractions, factor trees, and dividing fractions. One of the problems we did were to make a factor tree of 48. I started with 2x24. The 24 went down to 2x12, and the 12 went down to 2x6. Lastly, the 6 went down to 2x3. The final answer was two to the fourth power times three, or 2x2x2x2x3. The last thing we did in math was, playing what some people called “Farkle” then Mastermind. Farkle was a game that is similar to Skunk. You roll five dice. You have to look for ones and fives. Once you roll some points you could keep them or get more by rolling again. Once all of the dice are ones and fives if you choose to risk it you pick up all of them, then roll them. We went up against Mr. Coley. We chose three people and each of them got one turn. After that, the teacher goes and it keeps going in that order. Our goal was to get to one hundred. In the end we won! We got one extra point. After we won Mr. Coley tried to win with his turn, but he didn’t.

Once that was done, it was time for lunch. Some people went were at the A.R. pizza party, so their weren’t a whole lot of people. At the tables we ate a sandwich, and then we played. Their was no inner merials, so we went on the playground. At the playground we went around, then told some jokes.

Upon returning to class, we took our vocabulary quiz. The directions were to complete the sentences with the words in the word box below. An example of one of the questions were “The walls were decorated with a giant __________.” The answer to that is festoon! When I was done, I read my literature circles book, The Report Card. A few minutes later Mr. Coley asked the class, “Who is still working.” Then, three or seven people raised their hands. A few minutes later, we passed in our privacy boards to the right, so the people on the ends could put them back where they belonged. After that, we passed in our tests face down to the middle, so Mr. Coley could collect them.

When we finished, it was time for quiet seat! It was quiet, so someone gets a treat. The first clue was the person’s name contains double letters. Not that much people’s hands were up, because double letters means the same letters next to each other. The next clue was the number of syllables in the person’s name is a digit in the person’s number. Now only a few hands were up. The final clue was the person’s name is also the name of a movie. All the hands went down, and Mr. Coley said it was Emma. Emma said, “I did not even know that!”

Once we finished, it was time for star of the week! Our teacher only said one clue. That was begins and ends with the same letter. The star of the week was Alana, so she will be clicking for Deal or No Deal! The person to play Deal or No Deal has to get the right answer on the Weekly Homophone Challenge, and have no homework slips. The question was, What does the man who stares at oceans all day do? The answer to that is, he sees the seas! The person who won was … Andrea, so she got to play Deal or No Deal. The case she chose as her’s was number seven. Some of the cases she chose were 16 with 500, and 20 with 10,000. The worst case she chose was 22 with the million. The deal she got was 12,000. The next case she chose was 5 with 25 in it. The next deals she got were 46,000 and 67,000. Then, she got a deal of 100,000, and she took it. If she said no deal, her deal would have been 3,300. She got five pieces of licorice.

Finally, it was time for read aloud.  The book we were reading was, The Tale of Despereaux. The part we were on was when the mouse council decided that Despereaux should go with the rats. Furlough gets him in the library, and brings him to the mouse council. They say some questions. Somewhere out in the crowd someone keeps yelling out, “To the dungeon!” The thread master comes, and ties the thread around his neck. They send him to the dungeon, so the rats could eat him.

At 2:00, we were out of school. I was waiting for to finish transferring Clarissa’s article. When it was done Mr. Coley deleted it, and I got it to right this article. I was going to leave then Mr. Coley said, “Want to get a head start on the next weekly homophone challenge.” Then I said, “Sure!” He said that it was, who is married to Uncle Beetle? When we left we came up with the answer!

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