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Monday, January 31, 2011
Reported by Alana

Hi, my name is Alana and I am your Roving Reporter for today. I am going to tell you all about today.

First, we did D.M.A. D.M.A is where we do Language, Analogies, and Geography. In Language we correct sentences like, tina said to I the forest floor is darker then the top, when it should be, Tina said to me, “The forest floor is darker than the top.” The Analogies is like solving a puzzle except with words like area : square ::         : cube the answer is volume. After all those problems we have a Geography question today’s question was Which of the following states is farther north? Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, or Michigan. The answer is of course is Michigan. After we our done with our D.M.A we write down our homework, check our brown mailboxes that are on a table, and read or work on our Science Weekly. Then, once were done we do the pledge and start correcting last time Taylyn was the teacher so today it was Josef, JoJo for short.

After D.M.A., we moved onto spelling. In spelling every Monday we do our pre-test lesson 20.Three of our words were educate, dangerous, and history. Every week they all have something in common this week they all had 3 three-syllables. For our spelling homework we had to write it and underline the stressed syllable. We did our challenge words three of them are juvenile, astonish, and ovation. We corrected our pre-test and high-lighted our words we got wrong on our lists.

Once we finished, we went onto reading. All we did in reading is finish our list 2 for our vocabulary words. There was list 1 which had 15 words but this one only had 10 words. The first word on the list was mere. The sentence was I found a painting and it cost me a mere $10. There was a few guesses like close, about, and just but the definition was only; nothing more than. The second word was perished. The sentence was The animals perished in the forest fire. Myles guessed ran but everybody laughed. The word meant to die; to be destroyed. We finished our other 7 words and moved on.

Afterwards, we picked jobs. I picked random but Myles and JoJo were unhappy. Jonathan got Back-Up, Andrea got Library, C.R.S. Agent is Ethan #6,Office is Alex S., Paper Monitors are Matthew and Myles, Date is Ryan, Pledge Leaders is Jenny, and the Line Leaders are Trevor(even)and Sheyenne(odd).

In Social Studies, we talked about our State Reports. He passed out our envelopes with everything in it we need. On the top right it has our name, state, and room number. We went over the envelope we also went over our state packet like what we have to do and where we have to do it. We went over how we have to draw the flag, license plate, bird, seal, and license plate. There was a map of our state that we need to label. There was lot of things to do and everyone was like oh no! but Mr. Coley said larger is not harder. Mr. Coley said that the question packet was the hardest. We wrote down our due dates (Feb.18, March 4, 11,and 29). He also said that we need to do like a report on how and why it got its name. Mr. Coley showed us his state report page on his website and said there are a lot of researching pages. Like 50 States where it tells us about the state and every single fact about it. Then he showed us Congress.org which, which of course by the name tells us about the Senators and Representatives. He also told us about how we can order free stuff online. Conner told us that how he had Nebraska last year as his report and he wrote a letter to the Mayor. A year later, after the report was due, he got souvenirs from Nebraska. Mr. Coley explained every single thing to us so we don’t confused. Then he explained a timeline and what it is used for. If you were here you would see that Mr. Coley wants to know everything about the state. Mr. Coley also said that every state has something interesting like the biggest blank or the most blank and stuff like that. He showed us a presentation board and where she got the things. After all the talking of the state reports it was time for recess.

Around 11:40,we moved to our math classes I am in Ms. Martinez’s class so I don’t know what they learned. What we did in math class is we reviewed fractions and mixed numbers. She showed us her fraction circles that 1 whole is equivalent to ½. Ms. Martinez made a problem of 5/8+1/2=9/8. She also reviewed improper fractions and said it was ILLEGAL! Ms. Martinez told us how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number. After she reviewed with us, we practiced on whiteboards. We turned improper fractions into mixed numbers. So we ended practice, got out our minder binders, and wrote down our homework. Since, it is Monday we get out an hour earlier. We went back to our regular math class, unpacked our bags, lined up, and headed to lunch.      

At 1:25, we went back to our classes from lunch. We went over our homework and then packed up. The bell rang at 1:30 so we went home. Bye! 

P. S. Happy Birthday Mrs. Groff!;]

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