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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Reported by Sheyenne

Hi this is Sheyenne your roving reporter, reporting the class news.

Today was a cold and chilly day. When I arrived to  Mr. Coley's class I saw something different. Our desks were rearranged.

Mr. Coley told the class to take all our stuff out of our desk for rearranging.

Then class started. Everyone went to computer lab while I went to read 180.

After I came back from read 180. We started science. We studied "Where does California fresh water come form"?  We learned that most rain falls from the Northern part California. In the Southern part of California their isn't much rain. Then, the bell rang and we had recess. We played football and ran until it was time to go to class and start on another subject which was math.

When I got to my math class we read for 15 min. After we read Mrs. Becker gave  awards out for students that have done great. Then we went on to start doing work in our book. She said to do page 72. So we all sat in groups and started working. Mrs. Becker said what ever is not done in class is homework.

The next bell rang and it was time for lunch. We had lunch and a small groups of students played football again, and before you know it the bell rang and lunch was over.  Time to go back to class and do more class work.

In Mr. Coley's class he told us what our Science homework was going to be which was Chapter 4, Lesson 4.

After that we went to the Library to look for our state report information. The book that I checked out was the Tight End.

All other students looked at books that had to do with their state that their are going to do their report on.

The day was over and it was time to go back to class and get ready to go home.

This is Sheyenne Adams your roving reporter.  See you all tomorrow.

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