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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Reported by Alex T.

When the bell rang, I was standing in front of the classroom talking to some of my friends. Kids were dashing down to their line. Mr. Coley walked between the lines, opened the door, and instructed his class to get their homework out and their minder binders (agenda) out. We did our morning business. We took out our homework, took out our agendas, and wrote down our homework. Mr. Coley checked in our homework. As always, we checked our box after writing down our homework, unless Mr. Coley tells us when we check it. The class turned in their Response to Literature writing, that we finished a week ago, in. Mr. Coley talked about what was in our box, but he mainly talked about the 50’s Hop. The 50’s Hop is only for the 5th graders. It is a party with music, food, drinks, and other stuff.

Next up on the agenda is spelling. We all got our correcting pens and started correcting. The spelling homework we were correcting was a crossword puzzle. Mr. Coley, as usual, called out names to give the answers. When we were finished correcting our spelling homework, we passed it up the row.

Afterwards, we had The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or LWW for short. Today in LWW, we started our vocabulary poster and read chapter 9 from the book. We got out our vocabulary list, picked which word to choose to do our poster on, and Mr. Coley passed out the posters. He told us what to do and we got started on it. The class worked quietly on it, which Mr. Coley likes. At about 9:40, Mr. Coley told us to put the poster into our homework folders and take out the book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Mr. Coley read chapter 9, which is called, In the Witch’s House. After he read the whole chapter, Mr. Coley said, “Get your rulers out.” He said that because we were going to do a story map. A story map is where we summarize the chapter in one descriptive sentence. We do story maps for every chapter. Mr. Coley gave out the long white piece of paper and explained what we do first before doing the sentence. This time, we did the sentence together, because we were running out of time. The class usually did the sentence on their own about in the 5th chapter. The sentence we thought up was: Edmund, a back-stabbing brat, wanted more magical Turkish Delight, but he didn’t have his brother and sisters with him, so he snuck out of the small but cozy Beavers’ house, walked to the towering White Witch’s castle, and told her that Aslan was going to meet the children at the Stone Table. Not everyone is going to have the exact same sentence, but have the same main topic of what happened. Mr. Coley told us to put it away.

It’s now time for the Colony Creation! We didn’t get into our groups before so this is our first time. Mr. Coley told us what we were going to do. He told us to brainstorm ideas for today. He also showed us the past years flag. Then, we got into our groups. I’m the governor of the colony, following the lieutenant governors, Natalie and Ethan #6. There was supposed to be one lieutenant governor, but there was a tie and Mr. Coley said to leave it. The governor and lieutenant governors, we are supposed to write about the colony’s history. We had difficulty writing the history, but we got a couple of things down. We didn’t know what to write about. Mr. Coley gave each group of what the past year did. We stopped at about 11:10. We put our colony things away and got out our math stuff, because it was time for recess.

Once recess was done, it was time for math! For math, we go to different math classes depending how good you are at math. I’m stay in Mr. Coley’s math class. Once everyone came in, we checked in our homework, and we did math cards. Today, our time was 1:59, but our best time was 1:50. Next, we check our homework on dividing with decimals. One of the problems was 5.12 divided by .4. The answer was, 12.8. Then we passed it in. Mr. Coley said that our quiz was tomorrow. “Your quiz is tomorrow, tomorrow,” Mr. Coley sang. We practiced doing word problems on the white board. One of them that Mr. Coley gave us was: Sally, a marathon runner, has run a total of 13,746 miles in the last 8 years. Assuming she ran the same distance each year, how many miles did she run? We did 13,746 divided by 8. That would equal 1,718. We made questions on the white board after that. When we finish writing down a division problem, we would give it to the person next to us. We would check the other person’s work. Mr. Coley did this because he wants us to practice checking our work. He wants to check our work for the quiz tomorrow. He showed us what our homework looked like and gave it to us. Math was done after that. Everyone came back and put their math stuff away. They went back outside on Mr. Coley’s command to line up for lunch.

When we came back from a delicious lunch, depending what they had, it was time for science. Mr. Coley told us to take out our notes because we were going to listen to the StudyCast for the chapter 4 test tomorrow. Afterwards, we put our noted away in our backpacks to study at home, took out the lesson 4 ILT. ILT stands for independent learning tool or a worksheet. We corrected the ILT and passed it up the row. We sat back and relaxed because Mr. Coley was going to read more of The Tale of Despereaux. We are now in book 2 or part 2. In book 2, it’s about a rat named Roscuro. He’s like Despereaux. He wants something that rats don’t want. He wants to be where the light is, which is upstairs. When it was almost the end of the day, Mr. Coley said that the Quiet Seat was quiet. It was Maia. When Mr. Coley dismissed us, we went out the brown door with a silver bar inside of the classroom, and went home to our cozy houses with a place to do our homework.

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