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Thursday, February 3, 2011
Reported by Andrea

Hi my name is Andrea and I will be your Roving Reporter for 2/3/11. I will be telling you all what we do in Mr. Coley's class.

The first thing all of the 5th graders did was put our backpack down, went to the field, and stretched. One of the stretches Mr. Coley's class did was the flamingo. The flamingo is when you balance on one foot and hold the other foot with your hand. We all had to run 4 small laps which is about 3/4 of a mile. My time was 10:16, but my best time was 9:15.

After that we went back in and took out our homework it was long division math, spelling, and science weekly. Then I wrote what I was going to have for homework so I wouldn't forget. It was writing this, literature circle job, and spelling. After that I check my box. In my box I found my test I took yesterday. 

After I finished that we checked our spelling. One of the Questions were to unscramble tapoot. The answer was potato. Out of 20 I got 0 wrong and 20 right.

Then when we finished that we then checked our science weekly. A science weekly is like a newspaper with a crossword puzzle but you can find the answers inside. It is a little tricky for me but I don't know if it is for anyone else. It is a little hard for me because you don't really know where to look or what it means. I got 16 out of 16 because you also have to highlight where you found the answers.

After that we read one chapter of The Chronicals of Narnia. It was the 10th chapter The Spell Begins To Break. It was about when Peter, Susan, and Lucy met Santa. After we read that we made a story map. In a  story map you write the main part of the chapter and draw 4 pictures for each part.

Just after that we went into groups to make our very own colony. The group I was in was about the colony tree. We chose the Sassafras. Before Mr. Coley dismissed us we practiced on drawing the tree.

Then after that we went out side for recess. At first I played tether ball, but then I saw people gathering around a table. I went over there and found out that they were making valentines cards for veterans in the hospital. Then I made one, but I think I put a little too much. Then sadly the bell rang.

After that it was math time. We got to do math cards. In the math cards we have to answer our card and ask the question in the card. Mr. Coley was in a rush to check our homework so we would have enough time to do our test on long division with decimals. out of 1 questions I got 11 right, on the homework. Then Mr. Coley past out the test. There was 12 question but they didn't look so hard. After I finished it I read The Reptile Room. I was almost finished with it I just needed 2 more pages!

Then it was lunch time. I ate a hamburger but the meat was so hard it was like a rock. After I was finished I got to play kickball because I was in the cool kickers team so I got to play. I got out every time I tried to kick but we still won by 1 point.

Then the bell rang. I went inside, studied for the science test, and took it. Then I checked it but then I had to go early. If I had to take a guess Of what they were doing I would probably say that they were reading the tale of Despereaux. Than was what our roving reporter and room 34 did today.

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