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Friday, February 4, 2011
Reported by Natalie

Hi, and my name is Natalie. I am Roving Reporter on this fantastic Friday! I am going to tell you what we did and learned in class today.

First, we had to go to Friday Flag. Mr. Coley was gone for about an hour in the morning, so the assistant principal watched us for the hour. They talked about how the Mother and Son Dance is tonight, and they did the Spirit Flags. They also did Shark Bites. Then we went back to class and started our day.

Then, we walked back to class and had our usual spelling test, but first she asked for field trip donations. Then we started our test. We had words like dangerous and history. We had challenge words like astonish and obvious. Then she collected our papers.

Next, we had to catch up on a few things. We are reading the book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and we make summaries in a sentence of each chapter, so we had to catch up on the summaries if we didn't finish some of them. If you did finish it, you would read.

After that was over, we had our first day of D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E stands for drug abuse resistance education. A police comes and we have 8 lessons. This was our First lesson. He passed out a book that you can write in. We talked about the rules in D.A.R.E. When it was over, we went back to class, and Mr. Coley was back.

When that was over, we had Lit. Circles. I am in the Pink Group. We have five jobs which are Discussion Director, Word Finder, Correspondent, Connector, and Illustrator. After Lit. Circles was done, we were allowed to read our books. Then Mr. Coley read more of The Tale of Despereaux. 

After recess was over, it was math time. I am in Mr. Coley's math class. We held up our homework and did the Math Cards. The Math Cards are cards that everyone gets and they say, for example, I have 19. Who has the number of digits in a phone number including the area code and so on. Next we graded our weekly math challenge. It is a math challenge that we have weekly. Since all week we were doing so much long division, Mr. Coley said we could play math games like one called farkle. In farkle you have five die and you role them and you have to get 1 or 5 and you take away the die that has 1 or 5 and you role again if you want. If you role and you don't get a 1 or 5 you get no points and you give the die to the other person. Mr. Coley played against us, and we beat him by a little more than 60 points. Then it was time for lunch.

Right after lunch, we did Friday Business. The Student of the Week is Joseph, and Elaina did Deal or No Deal. She got 6 pieces of Licorice. Then, Mr. Coley read a little more of The Tale of Despereaux. Then we went out to play Nation Ball with Mr. Henning's class.

That is what we did in class today.

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