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Monday, February 7, 2011
Reported by Alex S.

Hi my name is Alex S. and Iím the Roving Reporter for February 11, 2011.

I walked into class room 34 and Mr. Coley greeted us as we all walked into the classroom. Like every Monday we start our day with D.M.A. The sentences that we were talking about were about rainforests. One of the sentences were; People are taking the trees down in Africa, South America and Asia. The analogies are my favorite part of D.M.A. Today there was a hard one and an easy one. The hard one was: centi-: hundredths :: milli-:________.The answer was thousandths. Last on the sheet was Geography. The question was a piece of cake! The question was, how many states boarder Minnesota? The answer is four. After I finished I wrote my homework down in my planner, checked my box and read my book, Among the Brave. When we corrected it, I only missed only one and that was the hard analogy. After we corrected it, Mr. Coley showed us a paper that was in our mailbox. It was about the Hot Wheels race at the 50ís Sock Hop.

Next, Mr. Coley introduced that for 8 weeks we will not have spelling words. Instead we will have to spell the states and capitals of the United States of America. He said on the test we will spell the states and capitals and locate where they are. Mr. Coley Said, "Every week we will have six states and capitals, except this week. This week and next week we have seven.Ē To study we all made flashcards! On the card we would write the name and draw a picture of the state on the front, and the back we write the capital and the abbreviation of the state. He also gave us a packet with four pages. It also had two rows on each page. The page was filled with all 50 states, a picture, the capital, and the abbreviation. He also showed us a song called the 50 States and Capitals Rap.

After he showed us the song, we read a chapter of, Narnia the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In this chapter, the White Witch, the evilest witch ever, left her castle with Edmund, the youngest boy sibling, the stone table before the beavers and the other siblings got there first. But then, her sledge stops moving and then they had to walk the rest of the way to the stone table. After we read the chapter, we did a story map about what happened in that chapter. This time Mr. Coley let us make up our own sentences by ourselves.

After we did the story map, we got into our colony creation groups. Our colony is number six. I was in the seal group. On Friday we started the rough draft and finished it today. Then we started the final draft on construction paper. We didnít finished but so far it looked good.

Finally, it was time for recess, so we got our math stuff out and left to the playground. I played with my friend Joseph.

In math I learned a lot. The first thing I learned in math was to divide decimals with a whole number outside of the division box. An example is 5 divided by $3.70. Itís not simple like multiplying fractions. We also learned how to divide decimals with no whole numbers. Even harder than with a whole number. For homework classwork we had to do pages 121, 123, from our homework and problem solving book and a worksheet. Math was over and it was time for lunch so I went to class, put my stuff back in my desk, and went in line.

After lunch we packed up and got ready to go home. The bell rang 1:50 and Mr. Coley dismissed us to home after a long day.

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