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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Reported by

It was a good morning. My name is Maia and I am your Roving Reporter today. Mr. Coley said “Drop you backpack of in the class and come back outside.” He said that because we are going to run. He told us to run two laps only, because we are going to play some games the rest of the time. Once we ran, we got to our class and they talked to us. They talked to us about our numbers and they split us up into groups. I was in Mr. Coley’s group because I was number 28 and the numbers were supposed to be numbers 21-30. In Mr. Coley’s group we played trees. Trees is games were Mr. Coley has to pick 4 moving trees. Then the other people will try to not get tagged and it was very fun. Then we had to go inside but everyone still had fun.

Once we got inside, we took out our homework.  Our homework we had for last night was chapter 3 story map, state crossword puzzle, math, and get you science test sighed. Then, Mr. Coley told us to hold up your state crossword puzzle, story map, math, and science test. Then we wrote down our homework, and then we checked our box.  Then we passed in our science test and put our math away. Now it is spelling.

We still had our state crossword puzzle still out so we corrected it. Once we corrected it, we passed it in and Mr. Coley the classroom he handed out a comprehension test on The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  It took us about fifteen minutes.  Mr. Coley .said do not do Fast Math and do you state report first so we that is what we did. He said that because we were going to go to the computer lab.

In the computer lab, we went straight onto Mr.Coley.com page. We started to do our state notes. My state was Illinois! We are looking it so we can put in our notes.  Then he said “we only have ten more minutes left.” So he said we can do some A.R. quiz. So we did. Now we had to go.

When we got back from the computer lab, Mr. Coley called table to get the state books. We got our state books because he wanted us to do more of our state report notes. Then we had to put it away and get our math stuff out. We got it out because we have math class after recess. Now it was time for recess.

At recess, I went to the lunch tables and I talked to my friends. Then I went under the playground and talked to my other friends. Then the bell rang so we went to line.

Now it is time for math. But first I need to wait in line for Mr. Coley to come and open the door to let us inside. Then he came he opened the door we came inside, and we got our math stuff and went to our classroom. My math teacher was Mrs. Martinez. I took a test today. After I took a test I had to only do two back pages, and home work worksheet. Then we had to leave and go back to our home room teacher.

Finally it is time for lunch I have been waiting for lunch. He told us to line up. So we did. I bought lunch I got mini corn dogs. At lunch, I sat eating almost the whole entire time. Then my mom brought me chick-fil-a. Then the bell rang. So I had to line up again.

When Mr. Coley got to the line he gave us a point and said take your science stuff out. So we did that. We are learning a new chapter. We are learning about weather. We only did it for fifteen minutes. Then we had to get ready for the library.

I the library, we checked out some books. We also looked at some state books. then there were only a few minutes till the bell rings and so it did. And the day was over.

Once again my name is Maia and I am your Roving Reporter!  

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