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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Reported by Trevor

Hello viewers today in class we did lots of cool stuff like…

The fist thing we did today in class was D.M.A. First we checked in our homework by holding  it up in the air. Then we corrected our states and capitals, three times each page, using a pen. Then we corrected our Lion, the witch, and the Wardrobe packet using a pen as well. We did a colony creation which we split up in to groups, I happened to be in the “Flag” group, this means I have to design the flag. Next, was recess.

At recess, I went on the swings with my two friends Reed and James. After that was math time, we first went over our homework, a workbook page. We discussed our test scores, we corrected it, and if you didn’t finish, you would be assigned to finish it for homework. Next, we wrote our homework down in our planners, and Mrs. M. let us start early on our homework. We went back to home room and put our math away. And headed off to lunch.

At lunchtime, all us hot lunch buyers enjoyed a delish teriyaki chicken bowl and some good ol’ hardy white rice. After that, the bell signaled us to our playtime! After we finished eating, my friend Reed and I made our way over to the handball courts to play ourselves a good old American dodge ball game. I was hit strait in the face meeting my red rubbery doom. After dodge ball, the bell signaled us to line up in front of our classroom. My face still throbbing! Soon after, we decorated some 50’s buggies for the sock hop. (mine was the coolest of course)

As we walked in to find our seats, Mr. Coley was passing out glue and pink paper, the  giving us an outline of the car of our choice, two vintage cars. We traced the outlines to make our cars, colored them, and glued loose pieces together. After that, Mr. Coley described appropriate dress code for the hop. Poodle skirts, and greaser hair! Awesome! *do the comb through hair move* Lastly, the highlight of my day, just kidding Mr. Coley!, the bell rang! I ran out to my helicopter waiting in the parking lot and flew to Unicorn Land I and brought you all rainbows!!! Just kidding!!!! *winks* This has been, Trevor, *do deep weatherman voice* you’re always coolio roving reporter for today, signing off, good day Tovashal elementary and stay beautiful America!

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