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Friday, February 11, 2011
Reported by

Hi I’m Johny and I am the Roving Reporter for February 11, 2011. I am very excited to share my day at school with everyone.

To start the day off we went to Friday flag. At Friday flag we had a special visitor from the Lake Elsinore baseball team. It was their mascot Thunder and he told us about saving energy, by using florescent light bulbs and saving water. It was very fun to learn about.

After Friday flag we went back to class. In class we got out our homework from the night before, we held it up for Mr. Coley to check it in. We checked our mail boxes. We then corrected our States and Capitals homework.

Then we went to D.A.R.E, which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. We learned never to use drugs. Also we learned that only 7% of eighth graders smoke. After that we filled out a tobacco worksheet and went back to class.

When we got back to class, we took a quiz on seven states and their capitals. The first three states were Alaska, Arizona and Nevada. The last four were Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii.

Then we met with our literature circle groups. The white group, the group I am in, went to our usual spot by the door. The white group’s book is The Transall Saga. After we met in our group we went to recess.

After we enjoyed our time at recess we exchanged Valentine’s Day cards. Before we could exchange, we made a special bag that we decorated, to put our cards in. It was very nice to get cards from my classmates.

We did Friday business after we exchanged cards. The weekly homophone challenge was “A Banned Band.” Ethan Benson was the winner. Cat was the student of the week. Ethan picked twelve for his case and wiped out the million dollars, which equals one hundred pieces of licorice, at the beginning. Ethan only got one piece.

After all of that we went to lunch, which lead into the Fifty’s Hop. At the Fifty’s Hop we had root beer floats and some sweets. I enjoyed the Fifty’s Hop and the treats. After all the fun we went home to a three day weekend.

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