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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Reported by

Hi, it's Emma here as your Roving Reporter here's how it all began. So it started out like any other normal day we came in, got out our binders, wrote down homework as usual,but the schedule was a bit different then it usually was. But we had morning business like any other day. After that, we talked about a new program called SMI. SMI is a math program in which you figure out what math class you'll be in in middle school. Mr. Coley explained, ''You will take a quiz that is made specifically for you that has random questions so you can't cheat.'' After we reviewed, we headed down to the lab.

When we entered the lab, we were greeted by 3 ladies Mrs. Lockwood and 2 other ladies who showed us how to work the program of SMI. After we talked it over again, we began to take the test. As I had said before the test is made specifically for you so every test is completely different from one another. Some of the questions were hard, but others were very easy it all depended on what you are good at. When everyone was finished, we exited the lab and we moved into social studies/spelling.

In social studies/spelling we got back our test from the previous week before. Next, we got seven new states for our spelling words. The old spelling words from the week before were Alaska, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. The new spelling word are Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. We wrote them down on our index cards for flash cards.

When we were through with that, we began reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This chapter was called The Witches Triumph, and in this chapter Aslan, The great lion king,talks to Peter about his battle plan for Narnia. But that night Susan and Lucy, restless and worried, had followed Aslan, now sad and lonely. But he'd told them to stop at the tallest tree and from there he went into the Witch and her demons clutches. Soon, Aslan had himself killed by the witch and he was finished. When we were finished reading, we did our someone, wanted, but, so which is making a summary of what happened in each chapter.Then it was time for recess.

Upon returning from recess, we got into our Colony Creation groups and began working on creating our colony once again. My group is the colony flower and the colony flower is the violet and we found out that 80% of the violets are in this country! We're now typing the information about this gorgeous flower. Then we decided that I'm going to be the speaker for the up coming Coley Cast on our colony.

Once that was done, we began working on science. In science we talked about how the higher you go the lower the pressure, but the lower you go the higher the pressure so it’s a complete opposite. Then we talked about land breezes and sea breezes and that its high to low in each breeze. Then we put away our science things and went to lunch.

At 2:00, we read some of the Tale of Despereaux. In this chapter the princess Pea is asleep and dreams about her mother. Mig, who Pea thought was her friend,tells her to wake up and threatens to hurt her with a very sharp knife because a rat named Roscuro had told her a plan that would make her a princess which is what she wanted so badly to be. So she went slowly down to the dungeon in her prettiest dress with Mig and we're awaiting to see what happens next.

Finally, we packed up our things and headed to library. When we came in we had to wait for the librarian for little bit and when she had come we expected a story but we didn't have enough time to do so. So a few people checked out books and some worked on their state reports but when the bell finally rang we grabbed our backpacks and headed on home.That was an end to another great day.

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