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Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Reported by Conner

Today was different than a regular Wednesday.  I donít know why, but it was.  First of all, it was raining.  Not very hard, but it was raining.  It made it slippery and pretty much a really dark and gloomy day.  It was not a very exciting day.

When the bell finally rang and Mr. Coley had let us in, we got out last nightís homework.  Then we had to write down todayís homework and check our boxes.  Then we had to hold up our homework so that Mr. Coley could see that it was done.  After that we checked our States and Capitals crossword and our Science crossword puzzles. 

Once we finished, we moved into working on our Classroom Colony Creation, Brentsylvania.  Today we had to finish typing and coloring our geography.  After we finished, Mr. Coley said to do Catch Up.  ďMustard if you prefer,Ē said Mr. Coley.  Catch Up is when you catch up on things like story maps and other things.  I am speaker in the next Coleycast, so I worked on that.

After that, we had to go down to the computer lab for S.R.I. or Scholastic Reading Inventory.  This helps the teachers find out what our reading levels are.  Then when we finished we went onto Fasttmath.  Itís a program that helps you remember your multiplication and division facts.

Right after that, the Thompson Middle School Band had an assembly where they played for us.  They had trumpets, saxophones, a drum line, and a choir.  They were awesome!

Before Mr. Coley let us out for recess, we worked on our Colony Creation some more.  I worked on my Coleycast script some more.  Then the bell rang for recess. 

Since it was wet, we had to go to the portable classrooms for indoor recess.  We watched Bill Nye the Science Guy talk all about the eye.  I couldnít hear it very well because everyone was talking.  It was no fun at all.

In Math, Mr. Coley checked to make sure we had done our homework.  Next we did the Math Cards.  The record was 1:50.  Our time was 1:55, but someone cheated and we were disqualified.  Then we checked our homework.  After that we did our Student Survey worksheet.  That is where you ask a question to everyone in the class, make a chart of the data, and find the maximum, minimum, range, mode, median, and mean. My question was: How many movies have you seen in the past six months?  When that was done, Mr. Coley let us start on our homework.  Then it was time for lunch. 

I had a hot dog for lunch.  We had to eat in the M.P.R. since it was wet.  We had to have indoor recess again.  We also had to watch The Little Mermaid.  It was torture.

Upon returning to class, Mrs. Tucker, our counselor, came in to talk about our career.  First she had us write down what we want our occupations to be.  Then see passed out a piece of paper to find out what we are: a Doer, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader, or Organizer. Iím a Doer. Then she played this video to show us what we could be based on what we are.  I could be a Math Professor, an Engineer, or a Pilot.  Interesting (my dad is a pilot!). 

When she left we packed up.  Finally, the bell rang.  We were free!

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