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Friday, February 18, 2011
Reported by Myles

Today is Friday, February 18, 2011 when I came to school at around 8:00 it was a sunny and cold day. I played wall ball or as some people call it hand ball, but anyways I played wall ball with my best friends. Then, after morning recess the bell rang, and my friends and I lined up to wait for my teacher Mr. Coley. Finally, he came. We put our stuff on our chairs. After that, we lined up and went to Friday Flag.

At about 8:25 we went to Friday Flag. At Friday Flag they didnít announce Shark Bites and Birthday Book Club like they usually would. But before that, we sang the national anthem. We got back to class and started D.M.A. In language we learned about a tornado and what it looked like. One sentence said that Dr. Lopez identified a tornado that looked like a funnel. We did that for about 25-30 minutes. After that, we went to Jump Rope for heart.

At Jump Rope for Heart 3rd graders were first, then 4th and last but not least 5th grade. I did a lot of double jumps and crisscrosses. While that was going on we listened to music. It was fun. When that was done we moved into Lit. Circles.

In Lit. Circles we go through our jobs which are Discussion Director, Word Finder, Connector, Correspondent, Illustrator. I was Discussion Director. My group is green and we are going to read the last 2 chapters of the book Found. Once that was over we watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy.

When we watched Bill Nye all the kids laugh when it said DID YOU KNOW THAT! For example it says, ďDID YOU KNOW THAT in space, there are 8 planets. Then it says WELL NOW YOU KNOW! Well, we learned about the Earth tilting and how it circle the Sun. 

Then surprisingly the 4th grade bell rang and we brought out our Math materials and went to recess.

At recess I played wall ball with about 7 of my friends. Lots of people were telling us to get everybody out which is exactly what we are supposed to do. After recess we went to class and got our math stuff and we went to class.

When it was about 11:40 we all went to math class. Everybody has a different math class some have Mr. Coley, or Mr. Henning, or Mrs. Martinez, or Mrs. Becker. But anyways my math class is Mr. Henning. Today we learned about dividing bigger numbers like 300,000 divided by 600,000 and we just crossed out the zeros. It was easy. Finally, it was lunch time.

When it was lunch I ate a baloney sandwich, apples, fiber bar, and chips. When that was done I played wall ball once again with about 7 of my friend. Then, when that was done we lined up to read The Tale of Desperaux. Are substitute teacher, Mrs. Born, read in a funny voice which made everyone laugh. Then she asked if we wanted to do P.E mostly everybody or everybody said yes. So we did do P.E.

During P.E Mrs. Born let us play anything that she could see us do or if we could see her. Probably ľ of the class play Dodge Ball and the res t did something I didnít even know because I was to busy playing Dodge Ball.

Then everybody screamed 3 day weekend and that was the end of school. This is Myles signing off and I hope you have a great 3 day weekend. Bye.

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