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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Reported by Elaina

We began Tuesday morning by writing down our homework for the day and checking our boxes.  Today’s homework included a states and capitals crossword puzzle, completion of your remaining story maps, getting your social studies test signed by a parent along with a math assignment.  This was followed by a discussion of the states and capitals that will be reviewed this week, as listed below.



1.   North Dakota


2.   South Dakota


3.   Nebraska


4.   Kansas


5.   Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

6.   Minnesota

St. Paul

Following the states and capitals review we had time to work on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe story map.  The story map sentence was, Aslan, alive once again, wanted to join brave Peter in battle, but he needed to free the imprisoned statues, so he breathed on them, they slowly came back to life, they rushed to battle, and Aslan killed the surprised witch.

In the late morning we took a trip to the computer lab.  While at the computer lab we reviewed fast math, accelerated reading and our social studies state report.  After returning class we started the practice writing prompt, where we were asked to choose three characteristics about the main character in the story, Thank you Phoebe Fraunces.  We were then asked to write a summary approximately one paragraph in length about each of the listed characteristics.  We ended the morning with our AM recess which was interrupted by a fire drill leading to 10 extra minutes outside.

Following recess we all split up for our assigned math classes.  Mr. Henning’s math class had a two question math quiz on dividing decimals.  When math class ended we headed out for lunch.

After returning from lunch we began working once again on our practice writing prompt.  This was followed by a round of “Deal or No Deal,” which was played by Adrian who won five dollars, worth one piece of red licorice. Adrian got the lowest offer of seven dollars and sixty five cents. 

Just before going to the library Mr. Coley said “check in your bag and make sure you have everything” as the class would be going to the library before going home for the day.  Once at the library, the Librarian read the book titled Pete and Pickles.  We will hear a total of five books and will then take a vote on which of these books is our favorite.  The winning book will be awarded a medal.  Following the story we were able to select our books for the week.  When the bell rang we all left for home.

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