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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Reported by Taylyn

Hi it's Taylyn reporting on February 23, 2011.  Today we had a substitute and her name was Mrs. Browne she was very nice she walked us through the day pretty smoothly. 

In DMA (Daily Morning Activities) today Ethan was our teacher.  We had five questions like always our geography question was:  In what state would you find Carson City? the answer was Nevada.  We continued working on the tornado sentences for our language.

After DMA came spelling and capitals and we checked our homework.  For example one of our questions were: What states abbreviation is ND? the answer was North Dakota.  Another question was:  What is the capital of ND? the answer to that question was Bismarck.

Next we moved into Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe it was the last chapter.  Aslan's army had won the war and Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy had been crowned Kings and Queens at Cair Parvel and Aslan dissapeared when no one was looking.  A peasant had told them that the White Stag was roaming and if you caught it it would give you wishes.  They went out hunting and found an odd looking pole they realized that it was a lampost and went behind it next thing they knew they stumbled out of the Wardrobe back to London and it was the same hour in London as when they left.

Afterwards was writing I wasn't here yesterday so I had just started.  Mrs. Browne said "Pull out your supplies that Mr. Coley gave you yesterday."  We pulled out our pencils highlighters and a packet along with the papers they had started.  On the packet was a story that was called Thank You, Phoebe Fraunces.  We had to do the same type of writing as last time.  It was response to literature which is where you read a story and than you think of the characteristics of the main character.  I came up with sneaky, focused and smart.

Next came math we did division and division with decimals.  Division with decimals was a little bit easier except when we estimated on the normal ones.  They were pretty easy so I just blew through them. 

During S.S.R (Super Silent Reading) I read The Magicians Nephew.  This time Jadis the evil witch got to London with Digory and Polly.  Uncle Andrew was amazed when he saw what they had brought home.  Uncle Andrew calls himself a magician and the witch insulted him and his ways and thats as far as I got.

In science we learned about oceans and air temperatures.  We also learned what the word current means it means ongoing movement of water.  We also learned what the word climant means it means the normal temperature in an area.

At the end of the day Mrs. Browne took us outside and Mason's mother gave us delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Everyone liked them and was wishing Mason a happy birthday.  When the bell rang Mrs. Browne let us go and I went to meet my sister Alexis and we went home to do our homework.

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