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Thursday, February 24, 2011
Reported by Ryan

Thursday was a chilly morning when I arrived at school, Tovashal Elementary.  A small amount of people were there because I arrived there so early.  Mr. Coley’s class lined up outside of the classroom door.  He greeted us and asked us to drop our backpacks off in the classroom and line up for P.E.

We ran four laps around our field with the other fifth grade classes.  We waited for people to finish.  Some people helped other people out by encouraging them.   After that was over, we got out our homework, wrote down our new homework and checked our boxes.  We only had one thing in our box.  Then we waited in excitement as our next direction came.

The fun came after morning business.  We had the pleasure of watching Mrs. Becker’s play, Annie. For you who haven’t seen the movie, it is about a girl from an orphanage.  Then an amazing thing happens.  She gets adopted by a multi–billionaire.  He’s person everybody knows about.  They missed a couple of parts because it was their first time doing it in front of an audience, but overall it was fabulous.  Awesome job Ms. Becker’s class!!!!

After the play, we did L.W.W. That stands for Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We finished all seventeen chapter story maps, and we did the title page.  Story maps are A.K.A. someone wanted, but so summaries. We colored the words and cut them out.  We got to start on the drawing of the title page.  Most of you probably have read the book, haven’t you?

At 11:15 we headed out to recess. During recess many people were playing basketball, football, tetherball and wall ball.  The majority of boys were playing basketball and football, and the majority of the girls were playing tetherball and wall ball.  Finally, the bell rang and we headed to line.

Upon returning to class, we did math. To start off we did our math cards. When we finished we were 1 second off of our record.  After that we graded our homework.  Some people got different answers because the homework was not specific enough to tell us if you read across or down on the coordinates.  When we connected the dots people who read across had the right answer, but people who read down had weird shapes like constellations. We did practiced how to graph coordinates on our white boards. Mr. Coley showed us our homework and the way we would do the problems. Following that Mr. Coley said, “It was time for lunch.”

At lunch I ate my friends until we were dismissed to go and play. I played basketball with a group of my friends. Lunch was the same as last recess so nothing interesting happened. At last the bell rang, and it was time for S.S.R.

When that was over we silently read for about 25 minutes. We had 2 options, we could either read or work on our literature circle jobs. We have specially chosen literature circle groups. Today I was correspondent for my group. Also, we checked our box again. Afterwards, we did science.

After the previous subject, we studied science.  Today we did an I.L.T. because we finished the chapter yesterday.  I.L.T. only consisted of 6 questions. Easy, right?  A little bit later we corrected the assignment.  That wrapped up science for a day and all that’s left is announcing the Quiet Seat.  Who do you think won today?  After all the clues it came down to 2 people, Emma and Alex T. In the end the winner was Alex.  Congratulations!!  Enjoy the airhead.  The clue to give it away was the last letter in the 1st name was a consonant.  Good bye and see you next time I’m roving reporter, Ryan.

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