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Monday, February 28, 2011
Reported by Cat

Hello, my name is Cat and I’m here to tell you what happened today.

First, we did D.M.A.  D.M.A. stands for Daily Morning Activities.  There was a question that asked, “What continent is directly south of the Atlantic Ocean?”.  Most people thought it was South America but it’s Antarctica.

After that, we had States and Capitals.  We made new cards that tell the state’s name, capital and abbreviation.  We also drew a picture of the state.

Next was our Paychecks and new jobs.  I earned six dollars and withheld three for taxes.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a job this week.  Hopefully, I will next time.

Then it was time to write.  We worked on an essay about a short story called Thank You, Phoebe Fraunces.  It’s about a brave girl named Phoebe who saves George Washington.  If not for Phoebe, he might have been killed!

Following writing was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe skills packet.  We had to do five pages.  One was on synonyms, one was on antonyms, one was on ABC order, one was on guide words in the dictionary, and one was on outlines.

We got ready for math.  We took out our books and homework.  Mr. Coley dismissed us and then we went to recess.  I played with my friends, as I always do.

At 11:20, it was time for math.  Mr. Coley’s math class learned how to draw and find out what degree angles are at using a protractor.  It was very interesting.  Then we all went back to our original classes to get ready for lunch.

During lunchtime, I once again played with my friends.  We played a game called “Snap the Whip”.  One person tries to make the other falls down by moving in different ways.

When we came in from lunch, we packed up our belongings and left.  So that was what happened on February 28, 2011 at Tovashal Elementary School in Room 34, Mr. Coley’s classroom.  I hope I get to write more soon!

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