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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Reported by Jasmine

Good morning and welcome to Tovashal Elementary right now the kid’s are playing out at morning rescues.

After the bell rings the kids’ line up by their class room door and when the teachers come then we can go in and start our morning business. Morning business is when we first right down our homework then check our boxes.

Next, after we right down our homework and check our boxes we prates’ our Figurative Language. Figurative is when we learn words like simile. Similes are words that have the words such as “like” and “as”.

Then, we do our writing prompt. The writing prompt is when we do our real one the real one is when the teachers can’t help was the teachers can only read with us and after we read the story we get then we have to do the rest of the stuff by our self.

Then we do our social studies the new social studies about the French and Indian War and we will learn what happens after the fort.

After social studies we tack a break from our work and go to recess and use our energy.

After recess then we all line up and go inside and get our math stuff and go to our different math class in math class the different math class did different things.

After math we go to lunch some buy   their some bring their lunch. Next we do science after lunch is learning about tornados next we’ll learn about hurricanes’ then we will tack the test on our science.

After, science we do super sighlent reading witch mean super silent reading. Super silent reading is when we get a book out and read.

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