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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Reported by Gabriella

Hi my name is Gabby and i’m here to tell you what happened today.

First what we did was P.E we did our normal routine stretches. Then after that we ran a mile around the field it was great my time 12:40 my best time! We ran with Mr. Hennings class, Ms. Martinez class, and last but not least Mrs. Beckers class.  Then we went back to class did our morning business which was correct homework and check our boxes. First he checked if we had all of our homework. Then we corrected it.

Then what we did is our states and capitals test which we had to know 26 states and there capitals. We are now on week 5! Hopefully we remember them all!

Next what we did was a writing prompt.  Which is an essay on how we can write  complete  paragraphs without messing up. We did a rough draft And a final draft! I have a feeling that I did good!

Next is math what we did in Ms. Martinez class is a test on adding with equal denomenators  it was easy…well at least for me ! Now we have finished  the chapter !!

Then we graded an assessment test that we did earlier. The assessment was to show Mr. Coley where we were stuck. It was easy!!

After that Mr. Coley finshed of on a book called  The Tale Of Despeareaux which is about a tiny mouse who falls in love with a princess. And the tiny mouse is going on a quest to save the princess from a filthy rat named Roscuro who just wanted light. It was a great book!

Well that’s what happened on Thursday March 3rd . Thank You for checking out the daily blog.

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