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Friday, March 4, 2011
Reported by Megan

Hey, I am Megan and am going to tell you about room 34`s day.

First, during Friday Flag, we lined up, put our backpacks on the ground, and lined up to follow Mr. Coley. During Friday Flag everyone in school got to see a short play about one of Dr. Seussís` books. It was really funny because in one part Mr. Eddie, a staff member, came out of his hiding place and scared the principals from their fake bed on stage.

After a funny Friday Flag, we went back to class, and took a quiz on our states and capitals. This time we had 26 states and capitals. After finishing my quiz, I started to read my book. It was a great illustrated classic.

A few minutes later, we had to go to D.A.R.E., which is a lesson on what is bad for our bodies and what it affects. Today I learned about marijuana, which is like alcohol, but more powerful.

After the lesson with Officer Vargas, I went back to class to continue reading, because some people werenít finished with their test. A little while later, I got prepared to go to my lit. circle group, which is at my desk. Since Sam, our good friend, came back we now became a 5-person group.

After lit. circles, Mr. Coley read us a new story. It was about a girl named Miranda who knows all the streets of New York, and her mom was on a game show.

Next, it was recess. All I do is go to the playground and mess with my friends, Taylyn, Gabby, and Andrea.

Then, the bell rang and it was time for math. In math we took a short math quiz. It was about 4 problems long really. After this really short quiz, I got into a group with Taylyn and Samirra to trace and learn all their names.

When the bell rang, I raced out of math to go to lunch. I got in line with the other people who brought lunch from home. It was about time I got to the lunch tables because I was starving. When I finished, I raced to the playground and did the same thing I did at recess and mess with my friends.

Next, it was time for Friday Business. As you can see Emma was picked and Andrea was the super star and got to click the cases for Deal or No Deal. In the end, Emma won 3 pieces of candy, which is not so bad.

Then we read more of When You Reach Me, when we finished reading we went out to play dodge ball with two other 5th grade classes. At the end, my team won when it was time to go.

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