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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Reported by Jenny

The first thing we did was P.E. and Morning Business. When we did P.E. we ran four laps (one mile) instead of an activity after two laps. After we ran we came into the classroom and sat down, we pulled out our homework, raised it up, and Mr. Coley  checked to see if we have it. Mr. Coley told us to “put everything away except for our states and capitals I.L.T.” Then we checked it. After that, Mr. Coley read us two books, the first book was called Duck where a duck never knew how to fly. And one day she met a little chick and became friends with it and wanted to teach it how to fly even though she didn’t know how to. The second book we read ,I loved it, was called Martina the Beautiful Cock Roach when a cock roach was ready to get married. So her grandmother told her to poor coffee on all the animals feet to see how they react. But at the end she found a mouse that poured coffee on her but she wasn’t mad.

Afterwards Mr. Coley read to us And Then What Happened Paul Revere?  I really never knew about him but now I know.

Then we went to the computer lab and we went on Fast Math. Then we mostly worked on our state report. Where we just drew our state symbols.

When we came back from the computer lab we worked even more on our state report. In the morning someone brought the state report books so we could copy out of the book.

After catching up on our state report instead of going to math we watched the movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. There were a bunch of differences and the same thing from the book. When the movie was over we talked about what the differences were and the same things that were in the movie.

At the end of the day we went to the library. When we got there Mrs. Groff our librarian told us to vote for the best book she read to us. When I was done voting I looked at all the missions they were very creative. After I looked at them I found a book I wanted to read so I got it.

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