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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Reported by Ethan #9

Today started out to be a good morning.  I left early because I like to meet my friend Isaiah to play basketball before its time to line up.  When the bell rang, we lined up in front of Room #34 like we normally do to wait for class to start.  Mr. Coley came around the corner to let us in. 

Next, we all went straight to our desks and dropped our backpacks off.  Then, we got our homework out, set it on our desks and then got out our journals. In D.M.A. we corrected all five questions.  One of the sentences we corrected was, ‘At Ellis Island, the signs were actually written in nine languages’.

After that, Mr. Coley told us to show him our States and Capitals three times each. Then, Mr. Coley got out a paper with all the 50 states and pointed to each state and called on the class to say the state and capital.

Afterwards, it was time for reading. Mr. Coley read the story, "And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?" for fifteen minutes.  Next, he told us to get our practice books out and turn to page 142.  Once we were finished, he told us to read the story about Paul Revere and figure out six questions about him. Mr. Coley told us to ask our parents this question, "Do you know who Benedict Arnold is?  The answer is, "A traitor".

When that was finished, we got out our Science notes and book out. Then we reviewed our notes we did a couple days ago about severe weather.  One of the things we wrote about is, “Do you know what the center of a hurricane is called? An eye”. Afterwards Mr. Coley passed out a Science ILT for us to do until it was time for recess.

After recess we went back to class and got our Math materials and left for our Math class. When we got there we collected our math homework. Mrs. Becker, my Math Teacher, put the homework assignment on the board, gave us the pages for our homework, and told us that we could start on our homework.  When Math class ended, we went back to class and put our Math materials away and got ready for lunch.

When we finished lunch, Mr. Coley told us to silently read until 2:00.  Finally, we finished off the day of doing Social Studies.  Mr. Coley told us to get our Social Studies notes and book.  We added more notes and pictures to our notebook.

After Social Studies, we got all of our homework together and put it in our backpacks.  Then, the bell rang and it was time to go home for the day.

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