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Friday, March 11, 2011
Reported by Courtney

Friday was a normal Friday because, first we did our states and capitals quiz, and then we went to D.A.R.E. to learn about how marijuana is bad for you. After D.A.R.E. we finished our flow chart in social studies about the French and the Indian war. The French and the Indian war was the French and the Indian working together to defeat the British. Next we did literature circles. Just like always we got in to our groups shared our jobs and got the chapters or pages we had to read. When recess was over we all came back to the classroom to get our stuff for math. Following math was lunch so we lined up and waited for Mr. Coley to take us to lunch. Finally it was time for Friday Business. If you don’t know what Friday Business is, it is where we choose who student of the week is and who the winner of the homophone riddle challenge. Lastly, we did read aloud and then we packed up because it was the end of the day.

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