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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Reported by Clarissa

Hi, my name is Clarissa.  As some of you already know every Tuesday and Wednesday we run the mile.  I am always so exhausted after running plus my time was much better 10:58.  After running the mile we always go inside and take out our homework to be checked. Then we correct our homework like always, and in all my homework I have been getting 100%.

Next on the agenda we were doing States plus capitals game.  For this game everyone needs a card.  Then someone begins with something like who has the capital of Minnesota and then someone answers and says I have St. Paul then that person asks another question itís pretty simple to me if I knew all my states and capitals.

After that we go to reading.  Today we read Katieís Trunk.  This story is about a girl named Katie and her family that has a problem there problem is the rebels are coming witch is her enemies.  She doesnít want the rebels to steal anything that is in her house so she hides in her mothers wedding trunk.  When the rebels come in the house they check everywhere even in the wedding trunk.  When the find out there is a human in there they donít kill her or do anything.  After the men see her one of her neighbors still a bit of kindness in them and his name is John.  He leaves the trunk open for Katie because he knows she wonít be able to breathe.  Then they leave because they found out that Katieís family has come back. So they cuddle with her and tell her how bad she has been but how sorry they felt for not coming for her and staying while the rebels were here.

When that is over, we go to computer lab.  At computer lab we do fast math, A.R., and our book blog.  For fast math I practiced typing the numbers and a little game of mud monkeys the good thing is I am on division I am really close to going to fraction nation!  Also for my book blog I wrote a story about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory witch is a great book because it has CHOCLATE in it.

Before going to recess Mr. Coley continuous reading the book When you Reach Me. When you Reach Me, is a very interesting book.  This book is about a girl and her friend named Sal.  One day when they are walking home from school Sal got punched in the face by a mean and nasty boy.  After that happened Sal ran home and did not let his friend come in.  When Madison came home she was wondering why Sal was disappointed.  When she came home she found her mom waiting so they could practice for the contest she will be in to win hundredths and thousands of dollars.  Then her mom was kind of scared when she found out a special key of thereís taken.  While Madison was reading her book she found a note saying I will save your friends life and mine and thatís when we stopped.  I really wanted to know what would happen next.

When recess is over its time for math class with Mr. Henning.  For math today it was pretty easy we were learning about how shapes or polygons can be similar, same, and not the same. I thought many people would get it but most people got confused.  I was just listening to my work but sometimes I need help.

Next is science, I really love science.  Today for science we were learning about how the weather will be and who needs to figure out what the weather will be. Also tomorrow we have a TEST!!! ON Wednesday!!!

When that is over we go to library.  The books I picked were Angel Mothers Wedding, A Cute doggy book, and American Girl book. Then before we leave we read for a bit to get started on how the book will begin.  After all that hard work at school we leave and go home!!!

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