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Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Reported by Mason

It was a warm and sunny day when I got to school. Like always my mom said, “Have a good day at school!” then I left the car and walked to class. Today when I got there a classmate, Sheyenne, had a bee on is back. He was not afraid and didn’t run. Instead he went to the teacher and asked him to hit it off. The teacher did and we went inside.

The first thing we did on the agenda was D.M.A. which stands for daily morning activities. In D.M.A today we did two language sentences which we had to fix, two analogies, and my personal favorite, geography. Today’s analogies were the hardest I ever had but I managed to do it with the dictionary. For example, one of the analogies were moccasin : beret :: foot : _____ and we had to find out the missing word. The answer was head, because a moccasin is something Native Americans would wear, a beret is a Mexican type of hat for a woman, and we all know what a foot is. The answer was head. It is this because a beret goes on the head and a moccasin is something you wear on your foot. Our geography question for today was, What state borders Georgia? We had to figure this out buy looking in our S.S book, (Social Studies). Today’s teacher was Jenny.

The second thing on the agenda was states and capitals. Today in states and capitals we just corrected homework. But we did it funny, since this was a word scramble, Mr. Coley actually said the scrambled words. Like if it was ahduvnsd he would pronounce it. After this we did states and capitals flash card game. Where one person would say for example, I have Texas who has the capital of New York? Then someone would say I have Albany who has the capital of blank, and it would go on until it went to the person it started with.

In reading today we read A Dangerous Day which was basically a one page story about a woman working as a nurse In the union army. Her name was Margret. When her brothers shoulder is twisted out of its socket Margret must fire the cannon while her brothers wounds are being treated. After reading the paragraph we did our cause and effect work page, here is an example sentence. Cause: James (her brother) shoulder was twisted out of its socket. Effect: Margret let him go get bandages and she fired the cannon. After this we did a work page on grammar. In today’s lesson, we had to divide words into syllables. For example, dragonfly. It would be divided like Dra. Gon. Fly. The periods stand for the slash you would see. Another lesson was with verbs. We had to choose the correct verb in put it into the sentence. Here is an example. Larry ____ his class about science. It would ask us if we should put learned, or teaches.

After that we did social studies. In social studies we did a quick 15 minute lesson learning how colonist were getting mad because they were paying taxes that they didn’t get to vote for. Their phrase was, “No taxation without representation!” Mr. Coley told us this is a big reason the Revolutionary War started.

After reading we went to recess where I played with my three best friends, Johnny, Connor, and Matthew in Mr. Henning’s class. Today we played wall ball. When we got back from recess we went to math.

Today in math we learned about quadrilaterals, triangles, and how to measure them. Then we did four pages in our homework book and did some review for candy. After this we left and went to lunch.

After lunch we did Science. Today in science we took a test on earth’s weather. It was a 25 question quiz, which is four percent for each question wrong. After we finished we silently read or did  today’s homework.

After science Mr. Coley talked to us about our field trip on Monday and what to do for the next couple days since he would be gone. After this he announced the Quiet Seat, Alex S, and let his table leave to go home first and said, “The rest of you may go and have a wonderful rest of the day!”

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