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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Reported by Adrian

Happy St. Patrick ’s Day! This is me, Adrian, reporting for today. Mr. Coley wasn’t here today, and he won’t be here tomorrow. Mrs. Coley will be here instead of Mr. Coley.

First, we did P.E. Instead of running a mile, we did the 800 meter and then we played a game. The run took about four or five minutes. The game we played was Trees. Trees is a version of tag, except when you get tagged they stay as moving trees or “it.” You are now a stationary tree and you try to tag people around you. The only time you go is if the answer to the question they say is yes. For example, if they say “If you are wearing green, go. If you were wearing green, you would cross and avoid getting tagged by other trees. On the first game, it started out really easy at the beginning, but after Mr. Henning became a moving tree I got tagged by someone else. In the end, their were only a few winners. The second game was really hard. Mr. Henning and some other kids were moving trees. After the first round, Myles became a moving tree. He tagged a lot of people. We finished early, so there were lots of winners.

Next, it was morning business. We got our homework out. Those were math, science weekly, and the states and capitals ILT. When those were out, we wrote down our homework into our Minder Binders. It was states and capitals practice quiz, literature circles job, and math. We then checked our boxes. Their was only our states and capitals ILT in there. We held up our homework when we were done. After that, we corrected our homework from last night. The first one we corrected was our states and capitals homework. She let each person say six answers. Conner, Ethan, me, Megan, Matthew, and Courtney. I got 100% on the states and capitals homework. Science Weekly was the next piece of homework we corrected. Alexandra, Trevor, Clarissa, Jo Jo, Gabby, Emma, and Alexander said answers. Jo Jo’s answer was food chain, and Emma’s answer was rainforest. Gabby’s question and answer was a living thing that eats, but doesn’t make its own food was the question, and the answer was consumer. I got 100% again.

Then, we did the states and capitals cards. Sam told Mrs. Coley that Mr. Coley times us. Myles said, “Good job Sam,” and Mrs. Coley repeated it. It’s like math cards. The card I had said, “I have Augusta. Who has the capital of New Hampshire?” Augusta is the capital of………………. Maine, and the capital of New Hampshire is.. Concord. There was one person with two cards, and they both led to each other. We had a better time than our last time, it was three minutes, two seconds.

After that, we listened to Katie’s Trunk. It’s a story about a little girl named Katie who seals herself in a trunk, and an enemy rebel leaves the trunk open and leads everyone away. We did grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary quizzes. On the comprehension quiz, one question was, what was one thing Katie touched in the parlor? The choices were Mama’s bible, Mama’s pineapple teapot, Hattie’s China shepherdess, and Papa’s corncob pipe. On the grammar quiz on the first half we had to underline the verb phrases, and on the other half, we had to choose correctly between the verbs. On the vocabulary quiz, there were two errors. Fears and yesterday were spelled as feers and yesterday.

Afterwards, it was social studies. We finished five scenes on our flowchart. One scene said “The Sons and Daughters of Liberty worked to stop The Stamp Act.” The picture was o person holding a sign. We learned two vocabulary words. They were boycott and repealed. We also learned about the Committees of Correspondence.

Once that was done, we played a listening game. The teacher read two stories. The first one we had to listen for the “K” sound, tally it up, and keep listening. On the second story we listened for the “F” sound. We did one page at a time. The first story’s answers were 17, 12, eight, and nine. I only got one answer wrong. The second story’s answers were 58 and 47. I got both of them wrong.

When we finished, it was time for recess. I ate only a tasty Rice Krispies Treat. I then played Infection. It is a game of tag, but when they are tagged they get other people and the person who tagged them stays the same. When I got tagged I got a really fast kid by surprise.

When that was over, it was time for math. We started with the math cards, but didn’t get a better time. Mrs. Coley decided to make a seating chart. She did, then we corrected our homework. One of the questions and answers were 10 twenty fifths equals…. 40%. I only got -1. We learned how to get a percent of a number. You could do it by multiplying decimals or multiplying fractions. We practiced on the board. We did 35% of 60. In the end we got 21. There was a lot of confusion.

Once we finished, it was time for lunch. I ate an egg and cheese burrito and drank Sunny D. Instead of playing we watched the intramurals. It was Becker against Henning. Becker won and Henning lost.

Upon returning to class, it was science. We didn’t do our regular notes. We drew a picture and put notes at the bottom. We learned about the sun and the Earth. The sun is in the center. We also learned about rotate, revolve, ellipse, and orbit. We learned that the planets revolve in a path called an orbit, and it is shaped like an ellipse and they rotate on an axis.

After science, it was time to read When You Reach Me. The chapter we read was called Things that Crack. Julia called Miranda “silly”  six times in a minute. She really didn’t say that. Then they started to argue. When Julia flung her arm, her watch slipped off her wrist and cracked. When Miranda was walking home, she kept her distance from Sal. He pretended to tie his shoelace. Then, Marcus walked by Sal then by Miranda.

Finally, it was paper clip recess. Lots of people played dodge ball, some played basketball, and a few only wanted to hang out on the field. In dodge ball, it was boys against girls, but a few boys went to the girl side. I tried to be a distraction. When I was out, I got back in by getting someone else out. We played two games. The first one boys won. The second one we didn’t finish. We continued playing until the bell rang to go home.

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