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Friday, March 18, 2011
Reported by Alana

Hi, my name is Alana and I will be your Roving Reporter for today. First, on every morning of Friday, we go to Friday Flag. Usually, when we do Friday Flag we do “Shark Bites” and PTA announcements. Today PTA talked the about the Book Fair. We also did awards for the little kids and spirit count Mr. Glendenning and Ms. Diephouse won. At the end Mr. Fanning sang a new song called “Luck of the Irish” with his class. After Friday Flag was over we went back to our classroom.

Upon returning to class, we took our states and capitals quiz on our 38 states we already learned. After we were done with our quiz we would read our A.R book.

When that was over, we went to D.A.R.E. Today in D.A.R.E we learned about inhalents. Inhalents are health risks like loss of concentration or memory loss. We watched a video about alcohol and that it can be advertised anywhere. To practice what we already know, we played a game. There were two rounds. Round one we had to write health risks like breathing problems, yellow teeth, or even death. Team two won by two. Then, came round two the topic was fun things to do. Each round we were timed five minutes. A lot were put on the board like dancing, skiing, and dancing. After the game we wrote what we learned and went back to class.

After D.A.R.E, we went into Lit. Circles. We talked about what we were supposed to do then got into our groups. First, we talked about our jobs. First goes discussion director who gives us questions that we have to answer that cannot be found in the book. Second, is Word Finder where they find words they don’t know and, just by reading the sentence, guess what the word means. Third, goes Connector where they have to find something from the book they can connect to. Fourth, is Correspondent where they write a letter to some body in the book. The fifth job is Illustrator where they draw a picture from the book and the group tries to guess it. After that, we decided what we were going to read and turned in our jobs.

In Social Studies, we reviewed The Stamp Act and how they are taxing paper products. We started a new paragraph called the Townshend Act and how they taxed imported (things sent from another country) paper, paint, tea, and glass. We drew a picture saying, The Townshend Act sent glass, tea, paper, and paint from Britain. We didn’t have a lot of time so we got out our math supplies and headed for recess.

When we came back from recess, we went into our math rotations. I am in Ms. Martinez’s math class so I do not know what the other math classes learned. First, we talked about our field trip Monday. Then, we checked in our homework and corrected it. We reviewed by doing classwork all together it took a pretty long time. We corrected our classwork and left for lunch.

Afterwards, we did Friday Business where we named the Student of the Week which was Courtney. We also did the Weekly Homophone Challenge. The question was, If a devil is completely sinful, what is an angel? The answer was wholly holy. The winner, again, was Andrea. We played Deal or No Deal and she picked case four. Unfortunately, case number two had the million her case had 750 dollars in it so she got one piece.

At 2:00, we were supposed to read When You Reach Me but we end up having Ms. Becker coming in and talking about our Monday’s field trip to Riley’s Farm and that took up our reading time.

Finally, we went out to P.E.  We usually play dodge ball so we did. When the bell rang at 2:30 we grabbed our backpacks and left for a relaxing weekend until Monday.  

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