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Monday, March 21, 2011
Reported by Sheyenne

Hello this is Sheyenne your roving reporter.

I woke up this morning excited to go on our school field trip. I was worried because it was raining, and my friends and I were excited for our trip. Our field trip was to go to Riley’s Farm.

I got to school and found out our trip was canceled. Riley’s trip was canceled because of snow. All the kids said it was canceled. We were sad.

Mr. Coley said to write in our journals, even though we were not suppose to today because of our field trip.

Then Jasmine and Jonathan and I went to Read 180. Mrs. Wesolowski said to read because all the kids were not in class yet. Then Mrs. Kim passed out tickets to all the kids. Mrs. Wesolowski said I will make you a deal if you stay quiet. The deal was if you stay quiet we could play games.

Then we played you be the juried we played two times. How to play is Mr. Coley will read a story then he will show events so you can find how did it.

Science: We are now doing the solar system. I think that it’s going to be cool because the solar system is cool. We are now studying the sun.

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