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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Reported by Alex T.

When the bell rang, we lined up, and waited for our teachers to come. Mr. Coley came and opened the door. He said to come inside, and we did. We got our agendas (which Mr. Coley calls agenda minder binders) out and wrote down our homework. We didn’t have any homework the day before, so we wrote down our homework. Then, we checked our box. Mr. Coley told us that we were going to write an essay for Open House. Mr. Coley told us that we would do a Response to Literature. We would be writing about one of our parents. Mr. Coley also said it was more like a Response to Parents essay. He handed out two pieces of paper, told us what to do for the introductory paragraph, and we got started. About 20 minutes later, Mr. Coley told us we would work on it tomorrow. Also, he said to put both of our papers in our Work in Progress Folder.

The next thing we did was States and Capitals. The class did the States and Capitals cards. The States and Capitals cards are just like Math Cards, except with States and Capitals. Today, we got a better time! It was two minutes, fifty-seven seconds.

Next up on our agenda was reading. Today, we started a new story in our Houghton Mifflin reading book. The story was James Forten, and Mr. Coley read the whole story. He did that because we were going to the computer lab, so we could take the AR test on it. After Mr. Coley read James Forten, Mr. Coley told us to get our practice books out and turn to page 183. Page 183 was a page on antonyms. When we finished, we would read. About 15 minutes, Mr. Coley told us to put our practice books away. Before we went to computer lab, he told us what we would do. The first thing we would do was take an AR test on James Forten, then Fast Math or for others, Fraction Nation. After we did that, for the four students, they would do Read About. I’m one of those four. The others would go on Mr. Coley’s fabulous website.

Once that was done, we went to the computer lab. We did the AR test on James Forten first. Then we would do Fast Math or Fraction Nation. The four students who do Read About did Read About. The other went on Mr. Coley’s website. Then Mr. Coley said to exit out on what we were doing and get on the desktop. He dismissed us to go line up for the Awards Assembly.

Mr. Coley lead the class to the MPR for the Awards Assembly. Once every fifth grade class was there, we got started. Mrs. Lockwood invited the fifth grade teachers, Mr. Coley, Mr. Henning, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Becker, and Mrs. Nester-Cole, up to the stage. Fifth grade does the things a bit differently. They do it by awards. Many students got awards. One of the many students was me! I got three awards. They were Academic Excellence award, and AR award for getting over 125 points, and Principle List. Congrats to the other students who got awards! After the Award Assembly, we got back to class and took out our math stuff. The Mr. Coley dismissed us to go to recess.

Upon returning to class, it was math time! The students went to their math class. I stay in Mr. Coley’s class. Once the other students in Mr. Coley’s math class came in, Mr. Coley told us read to read. He told us to read because he was going to show students grades before and after the retest some of the students took. When that was done, we reviewed percent. We got our white boards and white board markers to practice. Mr. Coley asked the question, “What happens if the denominator is not out of a hundred?” A student answered to make it out of a hundred. Mr. Coley repeated, “Make it out of a hundred.” The class did more practice on percent since the test is tomorrow. Once we were done practicing doing percent problems, we did math cards! Today, we beat our old time! Our new time to beat is now one minute, forty-four seconds! Mr. Coley told the class that we should do math cards before lunch now. The class laughed and agreed because we did it fast. When the students from Mr. Coley’s home room class came in and put their stuff away, Mr. Coley told us to line up for lunch. Once everyone was out, we went to lunch.

After lunch, we packed up. We packed up because there was a Band Concert at 1:40. When we finished packing up all of our things, we did some silent reading. I was reading A Wide Window, the fourth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which are very good books to read. When it was 1:40, Mr. Coley told us to close our books, check the floor for trash, and get ready to go to the Band Concert in the MPR.

We went to the MPR to watch the Tovashal’s Band Concert. They were very good at playing their instruments. Once the concert was done, we got our backpacks, and waited for Mr. Coley to dismiss us. When it was almost 2:30, which is when school is out, Mr. Coley dismissed us. We went home, ready to do our homework.

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