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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Reported by Andrea

Hello my name is Andrea, and I will be your Roving Reporter for today. I will tell you every thing we do today fun things and more.

The first thing we did when we came is that we took out our homework. It was math, from the textbook page 515, states and capitals 3 times each, and to sign a science test. Then I wrote down our homework for the day. It was states and capitals ILT, to sign a states and capitals test and science weekly. Then I checked my box.

After that, we had to do writing. This is the only thing I am not allowed to tell. It’s not bad, but it is a surprise for our parents. It was for Open House so maybe on April 7 the roving Reporter will tell you what it is about. To give you a clue it has to do with parents.

The next thing we did was states and capitals. We got to listen to a great song that will help us remember our 50 states and capitals. The name of the song was hip hop professor states and capitals. You can buy it for 99 cents on the states and capitals page on mrcoley.com.

Next we did reading. We checked our opposite’s page from our practice book. I only got 1 wrong, not so bad. Then we did another page from the book. They were a little easy, but not so easy.

Next we did Social Studies. We are learning about the American Revolution, which is really fun to learn about. Right now we are talking about the taxation and how it is starting a war. The colonists can handle all that taxing, so they got out of hand.

Next it was recess I played tether ball and beat Megan and Gabby because Taylyn was on my side, but Gabby and Taylyn are beginners and Megan and I have been playing scene 3rd grade. 

Then sadly the bell rang, but it was time for math. This time we started with correcting our homework instead of math cards. That’s why, because last time we did math cards last we got a faster time because we really wanted to go to lunch. Anyway, I got two wrong out of 30 I think. Then it was time for the quiz. I think I got 1 wrong, but I hope I am wrong and got all of them right.

Then we went to lunch. I got to buy, and I ate teriyaki with a fortune cookie. I didn’t like the fortune cookie because it said I would be successful and get a promotion in my job in a month. Then we were allowed to go and play. I played trying to run away from Taylyn game where you have to run and hide from her. She only got us once but the second time she didn’t get us. Then the bell rang again so we went to line up. 

The next thing we did was science. We are learning about the solar system right now, but we are on Mercury. We already learned about the Sun. Then Mr. Coley passed out some papers. It was about Mercury and we were supposed to find the answers in a small story. I got to work with Taylyn. We finished every question just I didn’t write the whole thing for the last one. Then the bell rang it was a fire drill. Then I put every thing in my hand down on the desk, and went out side. It was not a real fire it was just practice. Then everyone went back in.

When we came back in we put our homework in our backpacks. The quiet seat was not quiet. Then every one left. That is what this Roving Reporter and classroom did today. Until the next time I your Roving Reporter bye!

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