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Thursday, March 24, 2011
Reported by Trevor

Hi,  My name is Trevor and I am today’s, March 24, 2011, Roving Reporter. 

Good Morning .. The first thing on the agenda today was to get seated and check our homework from the night before. In order for Mr, Coley to check  our homework, we hold it in the air and are checked off the list., 

Once we are done checking in homework, we then write down the current nights homework in our homework planner.  Using our correcting pen, always red, we check our homework for errors. The Science Weekly we worked on all week then gets checked and graded. 

Today we were treated to a special trip … THE BOOK FAIR!!  Everyone loves a chance to go to the book fair to look around and see all the interesting books and things that are for sale.  I personally picked up a book about the Civil War and a set of pencils that look like drum sticks!!  SO COOL!!! 

Today’s worksheets were about Mercury and Venus.  Interesting facts about Mercury:

2nd hottest planet in the solar system
Average temperature during the day is approximately 857 degrees
55 earth days make up one day on this interesting planet

Interesting facts about Venus:

Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system
Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of beauty and love
This planets atmosphere is made up of poisons and carbon dioxide

During today’s math lesson, we learned to multiply decimals. 

1.8 x 6 = 10.8
4.5 x 25 = 11.25
8 x 3.7 = 29.6

We were treated to 2 science lessons today … Science is my favorite subject!! 

The weather had been very cold and wet and rainy but luckily today we were able to get outside and play. 

I am off to read my new book and make noise with my new pencils and try to drive my mom crazy…

Thank you and goodnight Murrieta …. *fads to black*

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