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Friday, March 25, 2011
Reported by Alex S.

Hi, my name is Alex S. and I am the Roving Reporter for March 25, 2011.

I walked into room 34 on a wet rainy day. There was no Friday Flag because it was raining outside. I was also a little bit late. Everybody was getting ready for D.A.R.E.  D.A.R.E stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education. Officer Vargas and our class go into a room and he teaches us about drug resistance. This week he was talking about peer pressure. But since I was late, I had to take a states and capitals test in a different classroom. So, I was only at D.A.R.E half the time. When I walked into the room, Officer Vargas was talking about bad things you wouldn’t want in a friend and good things you would like in a friend. Then, we wrote down good things that describe us. For example, I wrote down creative, crazy, funny, and kind.

When we got back from D.A.R.E, we started our literature circles. In literature circles we read books in our group and we do worksheets on the book we read. In my group, we read the book Fearless by Elvira Woodruff. The book is about a boy named Digory whose dad was killed during a sunken ship. Last Friday I had the job of word finder. Today my job was correspondent. Our group takes turns with all the jobs. The order of the jobs are disscusion director, word finder, connector, correspondent, and illustrator. Once we were done sharing our jobs, we decided on how many chapters we should read out of the book next. We decided to read five chapters by next Friday.

In Social Studies, we learned about the colonists in Boston “Throwing” a party. It was called The Boston Tea Party. The reason it’s called The Boston Tea Party is because tea was getting dropped off at the harbor. The colonists were sick and tired of paying taxes that they didn’t get to vote on. The Sons of Liberty, a group of men that fight for freedom, dressed up as Indians, snuck on the ships with the tea, cut the chests of tea open with axes, and dumped it into the Boston Harbor. We drew two pictures. The first one was the colonists looking at the ships with the cargo and the second one was the sons of liberty throwing the chests in the harbor. The sons threw more than 300 chests of tea in the harbor. After that, it was recess! It was still raining, so we had to go in the MPR to watch A Bugs Life.

When recess was over, we went to math class. Today’s math was simple. We graded the tests we took on Thursday. Then we did one of the find the path worksheets where we have to get a certain number and make all of these changes to it like multiply 5.7 or subtract 45.2. After you’ve made all the changes you put your answer in a box at the bottom. Math was finally over, so we went to lunch.

At lunch I ate galaxy cheese pizza. It was delicious. After I ate, I played with my friend Joseph C. 

Before we played Deal or No Deal we had silent reading so I pulled out the book Fearless and read. I read two chapters before we started. The student of the week was Gabby. The riddle for the Weekly Homophone Challenge was: What do you call a group of sailors on an ocean pleasure trip? The answer was cruise crews. The winner was… Alana! Alana picked case 12 as her case. The first offer she got was $10,000 and her second offer was $32,000. At first, things weren’t going well for her but then she chose lower numbers. At the end she got what was in her case. She got 20 pieces of licorice. Then Mr. Coley read the book Until You Reach Me. This time Miranda found a third letter from a mysterious person. Also two rolls of bread from the sandwich shop have gone missing. Then Miranda find out that Collin, her friend, stole them.

Finally, it was 2:30 and the bell rang and school was finally over and it was time for the weekend. As we all left, Mr. Coley exclaimed,” Have a nice weekend!” to everyone.

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