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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Reported by Matthew

Hey there, It’s me Matthew again and I’m Roving Reporter for Wednesday March 30, 2011. The first thing we did in Mr. Coley’s class when I arrived in the morning was take out our homework from Tuesday night. I also got my minder binder out and wrote my homework down for tonight. Then, we checked our class mail boxes, corrected our homework from Tuesday night, passed it up, and got out our writing supplies. When we got the supplies out we started writing an essay about our parents for open house. Then later, we put our writing stuff away. 

Next, we played a game called Define It. Define It is a cool vocabulary game. In Define It, you have to roll a ten sided die with a red smaller ten sided die inside it. The outside die is the first number and the inside die is your second number. Lets say that on the outside die you get a two and the inside you get a six, your number will be 26.  Every day there will be three people from each table who get to roll the die. I am maybe going to be picked tomorrow. 

Then, we had to take the first part of the Theme Test because we did the second part yesterday, so Mr. Coley passed out the Theme Test packet and the bubble sheet that we fill in the answers with. After that, he talked to us about the test and then we took it. It was really quiet while we were taking the test. Later, we finished and we corrected some of it, until we had to go to an assembly.

At the assembly, we watched these people called the Imagination Machine. They take written essays from people in the school and they act them out. The first essay was about a girl who finds an alien and becomes friends with it. Another essay was about a 13 year old boy who lost his hamster and in every sentence he says, I’m 13 and I’m cool. Later, we got up, got into a line and went back to class.

When we got back to class, we finished correcting our Theme tests. When we were finished correcting the test, Mr. Coley came around stapling the bubble sheet to the packet. Then we passed up the test.

Afterwards, Mr. Coley read the book called, When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead. The book was about a girl named Miranda. In the part we are reading now, she was really confused about a lot of stuff. She got three notes by this mysterious person. She also felt sorry for the laughing man, the homeless person who sleeps under a mailbox. She felt sorry for him because he usually is crazy, but this time he was tired and sad.

After Mr. Coley read to us, we got out our math stuff and were dismissed to recess. At recess, I ate my snack which was a bag of Frosted Flakes Cereal. After I ate my snack, I played basketball. After recess was over, it was time for math. So we went back to class, got our stuff and went to our math classes.

During math, we learned how to find the area of a triangle. We learned that the area of a triangle equals half of base times height. Then, we corrected the homework. After that, Mr. Henning gave us our homework and did problems one through four with the class. A little bit later, he stopped us, told us to put our homework away, take our white boards out, and that we are going to do some review problems. When we do review, Mr. Henning puts a problem on the board and we have to solve it. After everyone is done solving it, Mr. Henning picks someone to solve it. If they get it right they get a candy bar. If they get it wrong they get nothing.

After Mr. Henning dismissed us, we went back to class. When we went back to class we put our math stuff away and lined up for lunch. Today I picked my lunch up from the office. Then I went to the lunch tables and ate my lunch, it was yummy. After I ate my lunch I played basketball with some people. The people on my team were Sean and Jasmine.  Once lunch was done, we returned to class and did our class room taxes.

During taxes, we filled out a four page packet with all the information about our taxes. After that, we had to figure out how much we have to pay for our taxes and whether we got a refund or not. Guess what, I got a refund! Then we passed the packet in. Once that was done, we got our Social Studies stuff out.

In Social Studies, we are learning about how the colonists of the 13 colonies started the Revolutionary war. We reviewed how Britain started to tax the colonist. The colonist weren’t mad at the taxes, they were mad that they didn’t get to vote. We also learned about the Boston Massacre. It is when a bunch of colonist make the British soldiers angry and nervous and then the British soldiers start to shoot the colonist. Some colonist called it a massacre because they say the British soldiers shot the colonist for no reason.  We also learned about the Boston Tea Party and how the angry colonists dressed up as Mohawk Indians, went on the British ship and dumped 1,000 pounds of tea in the water. After they did that, king George the third, the King of England punished the colonists by closing the Boston Harbor and forcing them to feed and house the British soldiers.

After Social Studies, it was finally time to get packed up and ready to get dismissed when the bell rings. So, the bell rang at 2:30 and Mr. Coley said, “When you’re packed up you’re dismissed” as we walked out of classroom 34.

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