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Thursday, March 31, 2011
Reported by Johny

Hi I’m Johny and I’m roving reporter for March 31, 2011.

At the beginning of the day the class had to go to P.E and we had to run a mile. A mile is four laps around our field. After we ran a mile we got to rest and wait for the other classes, when the other classes were done we all went back to our classrooms.

After P.E we did our Morning Business. We had to get out our homework from the night before, we also checked in our homework. The class had to write down our homework for the next day in our minder binders.

Next we had Fun day, Fun day is a day where Mr. Coley, our teacher, lets us bring in board games. Fun day is very fun when you’re a student.

Later in the day we went to the vision and hearing screening, where they checked our eyes and hearing, we waited till everyone was done.

After that the teacher read aloud, she read the book called When You Reach Me. The book is about a girl who gets strange notes about her having to save lives. After she read we went to recess.

After recess we rotated to math. Since not all classes went to the vision and hearing screening, math was shorter than usual.  After math we went to lunch.

After lunch we had science. In science we learned about Mars, Mars has the largest volcano and longest canyon in our solar system.

After science we did S.S.R. During S.S.R we silently read to ourselves. After S.S.R we were dismissed and got to go.

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