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Friday, April 1, 2011
Reported by Natalie

Happy Thursday! April Fools! My name is Natalie, and I'm going to tell you what we did on the wonderful Friday.

First of all, we went to Friday Flag. At Friday Flag, They told us we raised over $4,000 from Jump Rope for Heart! Mrs. Dimler told us we got $100 but she was fooling us. Then they pulled names for Shark Bites. They also gave out Spirit Flags. Then we went back to class.

We were in a hurry to start our final States and Capitals test, but first Mr. Coley told us that when we went to the vision and hearing screening we did not do good there, but he was fooling us. When we finished our test we had to go to D.A.R.E. At D.A.R.E, we got slips of paper with problems on it and we had to figure out how to solve them by acting it out. The suggestions for your answer were getting out of the situation, staying out of the situation, unsure of what to do, demanding, and or having confidence.

After we got back from D.A.R.E, it was time for Lit. Circles. Most groups needed another assignment sheet so Mr. Coley passed out some to the people who needed it. My group is the Pink Group and we just finished the book The Horse and His Boy. For our next book we picked Prince Caspian.

Next we had Social Studies. We make Flow Charts. A Flow Charts  is when Mr. Coley has a big sheet of paper, and he writes one or two sentences and a picture to those sentences. Some vocabulary words that we learned today are petition, militias, and Minutemen. It was interesting. Then it was recess.

After recess, it was time for math. Mr. Coley is my math teacher so this is what happened in his math class. First we graded homework. That took a long time. Then we graded our Weekly Challenge. Mr. Coley wanted to challenge us at Farkle again, but before that Mr. Coley gave us a few practice problems, and then we played. The class beat Mr. Coley again. Then it was time for lunch.

Then, it was time for Friday Business, but first we graded our Science Weekly. Next we needed to check our mailboxes. Finally, it was time for Friday business. JoJo was Student of the Week, and Taylyn did Deal or No Deal. Sadly, Taylyn only got one piece. Finally it was the Coley Cash store. There were many things there. There were stuff like Licorice, Gummy Bears, Brain Pop hats, and many other things. After that the bell rang and school was over.

This is what we did today on April Fools. Bye!

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