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Monday, April 4, 2011
Reported by Emma

Hello, I'm Emma your roving reporter for the day. Today started out like any other day.Our class came in,got out our minder binders and began to writing our homework. When we finished writing our homework, we got up, walked over to our boxes and looked inside to see if we had anything that was needed. Turns out we had gotten our state reports back and our old and last science weekly's back.

When that was finished,our class got back into Coleycasts for Amazing America and our writing for our parent letters. Before we got into our ColeyCasts and writing, Mr. Coley explained a good way to read our scripts is to pause when we hit question marks on the scripts. Then we began to get into our writing after the little chat we had, and we had to be extra quiet because some people had to start recording their Coleycasts,and I was one of them. When some people weren't recording they would've been working on the parent letters.

After a few minutes on that, the paper monitors passed out some paper for us to take our spelling quiz. So when we got the paper we put down our name, number and date, titled the page and numbered it 1 through 20. When we were done with the quiz Mr. Coley said, "Ok guess what the rule is for spelling. "After our guesses the rule was the words had all ended with able, rent, ant and ible. Then we highlighted the spelled wrong words so we could study them on our spelling lists.

In Social Studies, we started out by reviewing what we'd written down on the flow chart before. A flow chart is a big piece of paper that you write scenes on. After reviewing we went into our books and talked about how 700 soldiers marched into Lexington and Concord. As Mr. Coley drew the scenes, the class saw him draw a horse and he thought it was "Awesome" but the class deeply disagreed. Afterwards, we talked about the British standing in straight lines was a bad idea. Then we put away our things to get ready for Artist of the Month.

In Artist of the Month our artist was Michelangelo. We found out that he was born on March 6, in Italy and died in 1564. When he was 13 he'd became an apprentice to a painter and studied sculpturing. He went to Rome and studied there. He painted the ceiling for a church called The Sistine Chapel. Then after learning about him we talked about our new project for Artist of the Month. After talking we went to recess.

Upon returning from recess, we went to our math classes. In our math class we began with the math cards. We tried getting a new record but had failed. After the math cards we got our weekly challenge with had to do with finding which numbers were snogs. We worked with quadrilaterals and triangles to find the missing degrees. I had gotten the answer and been picked, so I'd won a pencil. We then completed an unfinished game of farkle we'd not yet completed against Mr. Coley and in the end we'd won!. Then we'd started a new game of farkle. After that we went to lunch, came back, packed up and left for home.

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