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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Reported by Conner

Today started off just like normal.  A little chilly, but otherwise pretty warm.  When I got to school, everyone was playing like normal.  I went to play wall ball with my friends, but the line was so long I never got a turn.  

When the bell rang we came in and got our homework out like normal.  We held up our homework so Mr. Coley could see that we had done, like normal.  Then we put away our math and passed up our spelling.

Right about then we moved onto our Michelangelo art project.  Michelangelo was called by the Pope to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  He had to lie on his back for hours each day and paint and paint and paint.  We taped a piece of paper to the bottom of our desks and used markers to draw a scene from our Social Studies book.  When I was done my arms felt like jelly.  Then I was allowed to do my homework.

Then we went to the Computer Lab.  First we did Fasttmath.  Fasttmath is a Scholastic program to help kids their multiplication and division facts.  Then Mr. Coley said we could do the Place the State Game or Kidblog.  Kidblog is book blog for the students in Mr. Coley’s class.

Upon returning to class we did Social Studies.  We didn’t do much in Social Studies.  All we did was one scene on our flowcharts.

Next we did something new.  We did poetry. In poetry we did Fortunately, Unfortunately poems for Open House. Fortunately, Unfortunately poems are poems that go back and forth from starting with fortunately or unfortunately.  Here’s Mr. Coley’s example:

Fortunately, today was Saturday.
Unfortunately, I had to go to the doctor.
Fortunately, I got a lollipop when I left…

We had about fifteen minutes until recess, so Mr. Coley read a book aloud to us.  The book was called When You Reach Me.  When You Reach Me is about a girl named Miranda and her friend named Sal.  When Sal doesn’t want to play with Miranda, Miranda starts receiving strange notes about saving a friend’s life.  Then it was time for recess.

Recess went as usual.  My friends and I played wall ball and acted like doofusses.  Recess flew by and when the bell rang, it like it had been maybe five minutes.

We switched classes for math as usual.  We did the old math cards. (Everyone was dying for Mr. Coley to finish the new ones.)  Then we played our review game.  The review game goes like this:  Mr. Coley writes a question on the Elmo.  Everyone in the classroom does it.  Then Mr. Coley pulls a stick from the random jar. Whoever’s number gets pulled gets called on.  If they get the question right, they get a piece of licorice.  For the last fifteen minutes or so, we played Farkle again. (Mr. Coley always loses.)  One person rolls five dice. The objective is to get fives or ones.  The first one to 100 wins.  The score was 87-87.

After lunch we went into science.  Mr. Coley gave us ten minutes to work on our Mars ILT (worksheet).  Then we learned all about Jupiter.  After that we worked on our Jupiter ILT (worksheet).  Then we had a fire drill.

Fire drills aren’t a lot of fun. All you do is walk outside and stand in the sun for ten minutes.

After the fire drill there was no time to do anything else so we packed up, waited for the bell to ring, and left.

We were free!

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