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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Reported by Marcus

I came to school on this cold Spring morning at around 8:10 a.m.  The temperature on today was suppose to be cold and rainy as the News people had forecasted the day before.  Fortunately we were allowed to play in the morning.  As it got later in the day it got cloudier and started raining at recess and lunch.  When class started we sang happy birthday to Mr. Coley since it was his birthday today.  Then we slid our journals out of our desk and started working on them since we had not worked on them in a while.  At the beginning of the Second Trimester, each table was given a name.  Our table is called “New York.”  Mr. Coley told New York to go down to the library to pick up a book name The Sign of the Beaver since our table was closest to the door.  He had us do this because we wouldn’t have another chance to pick the book up until after the break.  While New York went to pick up their books Mr. Coley told Hawaii, the third and farthest table from the door, to get their scripts out so that the class could finish recording for the Amazing America ColeyCast.

Once I finished working on my journal I wrote down the homework for the night and then checked my box.  Mr. Coley then instructed us that if you had not finished the “Fortunately, Unfortunately” poem assignment, you were supposed to finish it.  Next, Mr. Coley sent Texas, the middle table, to go to the library to check out their books.  Once Hawaii was done recording, Mr. Coley sent them to get their books.  We then corrected our Journals when Hawaii came back.  The next lesson on the schedule was Geography.  The Geography question asked which states were in the line of 110o longitude.  The answers for that question were Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.

Then we, the class, held up our homework to show that we had done it.  The homework from last night was Lesson 21 crossword and for Mr. Coley’s math class, we had pages 491, 517, and 533.  Shortly after we held up our homework, we played a game called Define It.  The way you score is by giving the right definition and if you give Mr. Coley a sentence and the definition, you get two points, but if you ask for a sentence you can only get one point.  If you get a bonus row your score is doubled.  For instance, today the bonus rows were the Sixties and the Thirties.  New York didn’t get any bonus rows but the other two tables, Texas and Hawaii, both hit bonus rows.  Once that was finished we got our pens out and started correcting the crossword puzzle assignment from last night.

During writing today we learned how to do persuasive writing.  Persuasive writing is when you try to persuade someone into believing what you believe.  The two topics were Cats and Dogs and the good things about them and the bad things about them.  A couple of good things about Cats are they are small, eat mice, quiet, and you don’t have to let them inside or outside.  A couple of bad things about Cats are that they can shed fur, they can have hairballs, they can eat other pets, and can be smelly.  A couple good things about dogs is that they are playful, active, can be trained, help you exercise, and are considered to be “man’s best friend.”  A couple things that are bad about dogs is that they can attract fleas, shed more than cats, can “go” in the house, and can chew up your stuff.

In Science today we learned about the planet Saturn and its many facts.  One fact is that one year on Saturn is twenty-nine Earth years.  Saturn is also the only planet with a moon that has an atmosphere.  The name of this moon is “Titan,” which stands for big or giant.  Another fact is that the rings around Saturn are made up of ice, rock, and dust.  We then did an ILT (Independent Learning Tool) on Saturn with a partner.  One of the questions asked is “What is an explanation of the formation of Saturn’s rings.”  We also were allowed to have partners.  My partner was Josef.  Right after that, we were paid by Mr. Coley and chose new jobs.  Each of the students in Mr. Coley’s class is assigned a job at certain points.  I was not assigned a job for this period but I stayed on task by following classroom rules and completing my homework on time, etc.  Before recess, Mr. Coley then told us to get our math stuff out so we could take less time getting it out when we got back.

When we went to recess it was raining so we had to go to the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) and watch a movie called “Dino Island”.  But instead of watching the movie, I brought a book to read instead of watching a movie because I had already watched that movie.

As soon as we came back from recess, we quickly grabbed our stuff and hurried to our superior math teachers.  Once everybody was in the classroom for math we held up our math homework to show Mr. Coley that we had done it.  Next Mr. Coley passed out Math Cards. Adrian had card number six so he started the Math Cards off.  When we finished, our time was 1 minute and 48 seconds.  This was four seconds from tying our previous record of 1 minute 44 seconds.  Shortly after we passed the math cards in, we corrected our three pages of homework.  Till the end of class we had to make problems that we would probably see on you test.     

During this time I ate my lunch.  I had brought a peanut butter sandwich, munchies, apples, gummies, a cookie, and a water bottle.  Instead of going to the portables for lunch I stayed and helped Mr. Eddie and some other kids to help put the tables back in their places.  Then I went to the room to watch the movie that they were playing.  When the bell rang to go back to class I was kind of glad. The day was almost over.

When we went back in the classroom we started our Social Studies test.  The essay question on the test was “What was the Proclamation of 1763 and how did the colonists feel about this?”  Once you had finished the test you were able to do silent reading.

Mr. Coley randomly selects a student to be in “the quiet seat.  By the end of the day, Mr. Coley announce that, unfortunately the Quiet seat wasn’t quiet for today.  Whoever that student was, and Mr. Coley does not tell us who it was unless they pass, missed out on the piece of licorice. 

Well that’s all for today and this is Marcus your roving reporter of the day signing off.

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