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Friday, April 8, 2011
Reported by Elaina

The day started off with Friday Flag.  At Friday Flag, we did the pledge of allegiance, next we listened to a few announcements, then we saw Mrs. Lockwood and Mrs. Picchiottino dressed up as superstars.  Just before we went back to class, Mr. Fanning sang us a song about spring break.

Next on our agenda was a spelling test.  This week’s spelling words were fashionable, comfortable, different, suitable, merchant, profitable, student, possible, resident, terrible, absent, vacant, servant, valuable, accident, horrible, honorable, reasonable, remarkable, and laughable.  The challenge words were, excellent, prominent, extravagant, durable, and reversible.  You are required to do the challenge words if you got two or less words wrong on your spelling pretest.

After the spelling test, it was time for D.A.R.E.  D.A.R.E. is a program that teaches kids the affects of drugs and alcohol so as to prevent them from getting addicted in the future.  In D.A.R.E. today, we started our essay on the importance of not using drugs, alcohol, etc.

Right after D.A.R.E., we went to an assembly called Mix It Up.  In Mix It Up, they made music with their hands and boxes. 

Later, Mr. Coley read a few chapters of When You Reach Me.  In the book, When You Reach Me, a girl named Miranda starts getting weird notes that tell things about the future before it happened.  Recently, Miranda’s best friend almost got ran over by a truck but was saved by the laughing man, a crazy dude who lives on the corner.  What’s more, Miranda found out that the laughing man was the one who was sending her all the notes.  Then we went to recess in the multi-purpose room.

When we returned from recess, it was time for literature circles where we get together and discuss the book that we are currently reading as a group.  To make sure we are discussing the book properly, we each have assigned jobs on the chapters that we read for that week.

After literature circles, we got to the fun part of the day, playing the game Deal-or-No-Deal.  In Deal or-No-Deal, Mr. Coley chooses one person out of the class to play.  In order to play, you have to get the weekly homophone challenge question right.  For example, this week’s question was, what do you call a bucket that has seen a ghost?  The answer is a pale pail.  Today Jenna, also known as ’’Cat’’,  was playing.  It started out pretty bad, Cat opened the $1,000,000 case about two minutes into the game, but it ended pretty well considering how it started off.  In the end Cat took the deal of $186,000, which equaled six pieces of licorice, when if she had kept going she would’ve only gotten $0.01, which is equivalent to one piece of licorice.

Since it was a half day, we had a short lunch.  Then it was time to pack up and go home.  Just before leaving, Mr. Coley said, ’’When I call your name you can come back,  get your board, and leave.’’  Then in a flash, everyone was gone.

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