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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Reported by Ryan

I got to school and surprisingly, it was already sunny. I left my car and headed to class. When Mr. Coley greeted us outside our door I was ready to start the school day. Just then I remembered that I was Roving Reporter. I am going to cover the day’s events until the end of school.

When we started school we had to do our morning business. First, we had to get out our homework. Next, we wrote down our homework. It was only three things! After that, we talked about tonight’s spelling homework. The spelling homework is to pick two pairs of spelling words and to draw a picture about them. Finally we checked in our homework.

In spelling we put our spelling homework, a crossword puzzle in front of us. After we did that, we corrected it. An example question is survey. The answer is poll. Once we finished we put our grade on it and we turned it in.

The next subject we worked on is writing. We got into our work in progress folder and pulled out our essays. We’ve been working on our persuasive essays for about a week. Mr. Coley said, “We’ll work on these for thirty minutes. Some people tried to get to their third paragraph while others tried to get to their final draft. After thirty minutes, we put our papers away.

When that was finished, we went straight into C.S.T. prep. First, we got our test books back from Mr. Coley. We also got our answer sheets out. The first story Mr. Coley read to us was The Winning Team. Then we answered the questions about that story. After that we corrected the answers. We get to change them because this is a practice one. Then we read another story called “Pottery.” The only difference is that we read it independently. Then we answered questions and corrected them. After we finished, we passed back in our booklets, and we put our answer sheet back in our work in progress folder.

Then we had an assembly. The Thompson Middle School principal came to our school, since most of us are going to Thompson. He talked about the classes and the food there. Also he talked about the rumors of getting trash-canned at the school and being bullied. He added jokes here and there. He brought two other people along with him to talk about the classes. At the end he answered some questions.

Then we got to go out and play at recess. There were people scrambling to get to friends, and other people just doing their stuff. I played basketball with some of my friends. Others played wall ball, tetherball and football. Then the bell rang.

Upon returning to class, we switched classes to math. Some of the people, like me, stayed in the same class. First, we checked in our homework. Then we did Math Cards. Today was an amazing day! We beat our time by three seconds!!! Now our record is one minute 41 seconds!! After that, we corrected and went over our worksheet on rounding decimals, adding decimals, and multiplying decimals. Then, we practiced math on our whiteboards. We did that for about 15 minutes and then we played Farkle with Mr. Coley. He was beating us by one. After a killer roll by Adrian when he got 20 points. Then we were up to 90 points. Mr. Coley Rolled three times because he picked three people to come up. When he was finished he had 99. He thought he only needed ten but he needed 11. So he got 99.

Then we had lunch. I sat at my normal table I sit at. I sat with mostly all my friends. We ate until we were dismissed. When we went out to play, I still played basketball. The same thing was going on at lunch as it had recess. Finally, the bell rang.

After lunch, we had science. This time, we studied the planet Uranus. Did you know that one year in Uranus is 84 Earth years. Also we talked about it lying on its side. It also takes 42 Earth years to complete a full day on Uranus. Once we finished that we did a worksheet on Uranus in partners. My partner and I finished really early so we just talked.

Afterwards, Mr. Coley read When You Reach Me. The part we read was about Mira’s mom about to play 20,000 Dollar Pyramid.  Mira, Sal, Richard and Luisa parted ways with Mira’s mother. Everybody is nervous but Mira and Sal. Mira’s mom and her celebrity beat the other contestant in the speed round. So, they moved on to the winners circle. In a minute Mira realizes that Marcus is the laughing man and her mom won 10,000 dollars. Our time ran out for the Quiet Seat so we’ll do it tomorrow. Read tomorrow’s article! Goodbye!!

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