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Friday, April 29, 2011
Reported by Taylyn

Hi I’m Taylyn reporting on Friday, April 29, 2011. I will tell the 11 things we did at Tovashal Elementary School. Now here is how we, Room 34, spent our Friday.

Of course since its Friday, we started off the day with Friday Flag. Before all the classes were dismissed Mr. Fanning introduced a new song, S.H.A.R.K., on his electric guitar. Then we were all dismissed and about 800 kids and 39 teachers rushed back to their classrooms.

When we got back to the classroom, Mr. Coley said, “Pull out your homework and check your boxes.” So that’s what we all did. For homework, we had a spelling practice test and math. In our boxes, there was only flyers.

Next was the spelling test. It was the 22 lesson. Its subject was homophones. The words were flee as in running away, flea as in a nuisance on a dog. There was also main as in the main character and mane as in the horse’s mane swayed as it ran.

After that, we moved into wrighting. We continued to write about or better pet essay. I call mine Cats vs. Dogs. It’s about what pet you think is better. Here comes the fun part, you also have to think of what another person may think. After that you have to write something that you may say back to them. I decided to write about dogs. Here are the three reasons I did, they’re affectionate, playful, and they get you to go on a walk with them.

Next the agenda was CST prep. CST prep is a thing that we use to prepare for S.T.A.R. testing. There is 95 problems. Once we are all done we go over all the problems and Mr. Coley will randomly raffle off licorice.

Following that was literature circles. I’m in the Pink group and in the Pink group we are reading Prince Caspian by C.S. Luis. We are reading chapters 10-12.

Today was a little weird. We did Friday business in the morning. This weeks Student of the Week is number 25, has brown hair, and sits next to me. Obviously, it’s Johnny. The Weekly Homophone Challenge winner has a much similar name. Jonathan, who won 7 pieces of licorice.

After recess was math. Mr. Henning’s classroom was were I needed to go. There we practiced adding and subtracting negative numbers. Here’s an example, -10+6=-4. It’s really easy if

After lunch was the reason Friday Business was in the morning. A S.T.A.R. testing assembly. As a fifth grader I know all of this but all second, third, forth, and fifth graders must go. Mrs. Picchiottino was this year’s host. At the end of the speech, everyone said “Tovashal rocks!” and left.

Next, Mr. Coley surprised us by letting us play “Define It.” It’s a game were you have a 10 sided die and 100 vocabulary words hung up in the classroom. You roll it and the number that’s on the top is the first number and the die that’s in the inside is you second digit. The score for our class is Hawaii, the left table, has 41 points, Texas, the middle table, has 42 points, and New York, the closest table to the door, is behind with 33 points.

To end the day we played nation ball with Mrs. Becker and Mr. Henning’s class.  That was unusual because normally we play with only two classes, Mr. Coley’s and Mr. Henning’s. I was goalie the first round and played the second. The first round Megan was the last person on our team but sadly, she was out numbered.

Unfortunately, quiet seat was not quite but Monday is another day. So that’s how we spent our Friday. I hope you enjoyed this Roving Reporter article.

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