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Monday, May 2, 2011
Reported by Cat

If you wanted to learn about what Mr. Coley’s class did today, you came to the right place!  I’m Cat and I will be telling you what we did on May 2nd, 2011.

First we did our Morning Business.  Like usual, we wrote down our homework, got out homework, which was to bring back a progress report, and checked our boxes.  Then we played a great game called Define It!  Basically you roll a die to get a random number and assigned to each number is a word.  You must define the word.  If you don’t know the definition, you can ask for a sentence but if you do know, you can put it in a sentence.  The people who got to play Define It! were Adrian, Sheyenne, Jenny, Jasmine, Mason, Gabby, Alana, Conner, Sam, Marcus, Cat (me!), Trevor, Jonathan, Elaina, Joseph, Myles, Ethan #7 and Natalie.

Next, we worked on Writing.  Some people, like me, were done with their Cats vs. Dogs: Which Makes a Better Pet? persuasive essays.  Instead, we worked on our DARE essays, which are due on May 6, 2011, this Friday.

After that, we started our last day of our CST prep, which stands for California State Testing, because tomorrow we will start testing!  We only worked on the Language Arts section because that is what we will do tomorrow.  There were questions like “Which is the proper spelling?” and “What is the definition of _______?”.  We also have a system where we go over the answers and Mr. Coley will pull a random number and if that person got the question right, they can earn a piece of licorice or if, like me, you have braces you can get something else.

Following our CST practice was Science.  We learned about the planets and the sun already, so we learned about Other Objects in the Solar System.  Those objects were moons, asteroids and comets.  Mr. Coley also told us that we’re going to take an open-note science test on Thursday.  We were also supposed to work on our Neptune ILTs, (independent learning tools) but we didn’t get a chance to.

Afterward, we went to recess.  I ate my snack quickly and went to the library to help out.  We sorted books for our librarian, Ms. Groff, and we did a lot.

Upon returning to class, we started math.  Some kids went to other classes but I stayed.  Mr. Coley said to the arriving students, “Get out your bubble sheets and scratch paper! ”.  So we did more CST prep, only this time we worked on the math section.

When math was finished, we went to lunch.  I bought my lunch from the cafeteria.  It was chicken nuggets with a chocolate chip cookie.  When I was done eating, I went back to the library with my friends to help Ms. Groff.  We sorted lots more books.

Since Mondays are early release days, meaning we leave at 1:30pm instead of 2:30pm, we started to pack up after lunch.  After we packed up, we left, and that was the end of this exciting day!

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