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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Reported by Jasmine

Good morning today is Tuesday, and I am going to tell you what Mr. Coley’s class did.

First, the class started they’re day with Morning Business. Morning Business is when the class writes down there homework and then check their boxes. Then Mr. Coley went over the agenda. The agenda is the stuff they do like the star testing and a game called define it. Then Mr. Coley told the class about star testing and he said “don’t rush and don’t panic you’ll do great”.

After, Morning Business the class started on their star testing. First, Mr. Coley asked the back row to get some privacy boards so the back row got up and got the privacy boards. Next, Mr. Coley passed out some new pencils. After that, some of the students went to different classes to have some privacy.

After we did our star testing then the class did something called Define it, Define it is a game when Mr. Coley let’s one of the students from each table roll a dice with another dice inside of it. Then the student rolls the dice and whatever number they roll Mr. Coley will look for the numbers from one to a hundred. Next Mr. Coley says the word and the student has to say the definition and if they don’t know the definition then they can ask “may I have a sentence please” so Mr. Coley will give them a sentence and if they know the definition without a sentence then they have to give a sentence with the word in it and that’s how you play define it.

After the students play define it, then they get their math stuff out and their snacks [if they have any] then they head out to recess to play. Allot of kids like to play different things like wall ball, basketball and tether ball. Some even like to play on the play equipment. After recess the students go back to class and get all of their math stuff and head out to different math classes. Some students stay with Mr. Coley, some with Mr. Henning, Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Becker’s for math class and some are studying for their math test on Thursday.

After math we head back to class, and we put our math things away and line up for lunch. Half of the students bring their lunches the other half buys their lunch, and today’s lunch is corn dogs. After they go to the cafeteria they go out to the lunch tables, then they eat their lunch, after the students finish eating the fourth grade bell rings, then the fifth grade students get to go out and play. After the fifth grade bell rings, then the students line up by their class room and wait for their teachers, and then when the teachers come then they go into to their classrooms, sit down and look toward the front board, and get ready for science.

When they were ready Mr. Coley turned the Elmo on and we watched a movie about diagrams. [it talks about metals and gases]

Once we finished science we packed up and headed to the library, at the library the students went and looked for some chapter books to read and once the students found three chapter books they liked the students head to the front counter and check them out. Then the bell rang and the students all went home.

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