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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Reported by Josef

First we arrived at school and opened our minder binders and wrote down our homework. Then we went to our mailboxes and grabbed our mail. When we were done kids went to the bathroom if they needed to for state testing.

Next we got back from the bathroom. Then Mr. Coley went into robot mode and told us what to do. Then we started, today we did language arts part two and silently read once we were done. We passed in our test booklets and answer sheet and Mr. Coley gave us our vocabulary sheet for Sign of the Beaver our new read aloud book.

Since we got our vocabulary sheets we wrote down the definitions to the words. We had twenty five vocab words so we had two sheets of paper in one of the words it was spunky and our sample sentence that said cheer leaders have spunk and Mr. Coley danced like a cheerleader. Then when we were done we got our math stuff out and went to recess.

When we got back from recess we went to math. When we got to math we went over what was going to be on the state test for tomorrow. It wasn’t that hard and when we were done we knew it all. After that we went to lunch.

When we came back from lunch we watched a video about the Periodic Table of Elements. We watched the video for our science part of testing. When we were done with that we packed up. Then Mr. Coley said that quite seat was not quiet then we went home.

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