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Thursday, May 5, 2011
Reported by Jenny

The first thing we did was Morning Business, when we wrote down our homework. And checked in our homework .At the same time we checked our boxes.

After that, we did STAR testing for math, when we went to our math class earlier than usual, I went to Mrs. Beckers math class. My friend Shayla, and I got to draw the Bully Man on the white board. The Bully Man is a man, made up by my teacher. He is the one who makes all the tests and tries to make every thing hard for kids. When we started testing she let us take off our shoes and chew gum. When we were done, we stretched and ate a little snack.

Afterwards, we started to work on our vocab posters, my word was nimbly my sentence was: The surfer was very nimble in the long, blue wave. When we first started he told us to go to recess. Then we got back and started drawing and coloring.

Then we went to lunch. When we got back we took an open note science test. After that we started to read the book Sign of the Beaver.

Then Mr. Coley gave us a riddle. He said there was a man and lived on the 20th floor and he went to work every day and he took the elevator down on his way to work. And when he came back to the apartment he took the elevator to the 13th floor and took the stairs the rest of the way unless it was raining. Why do you think he does that? 

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